Kathy Toka interviewed The Echo about the artist’s event, which is a two-day art immersive painting and painting human form.

What do you think of the “artist incident”?

Our vision is to create a unique activity for the artist, to draw the human form in a cute dramatic style environment, to dress and undress, to create a seductive environment for models and artists. Our vision is to combine more traditional life styles and themes – Burlesque and Bare, and to fuse and fuse both over the weekend.

Is this a seminar?

No, the opposite. The seminar needs a tutor/teacher. The ideal of “artist’s affair” is to let artists feel the feeling of freedom without restriction. In order to let yourself get lost in your work without having to care about the result or its consequences, don’t be unconscious about the growth of the page. We can become our own weekend masters! And I will certainly arouse and inspire with other artists.

Who should attend?

All those who have the artist’s heart. All those who like to draw human form, as well as all their vulnerability and strengths. For all artists admiring life’s paintings, tilt angles and edges, colors and curves. And lovely bumps and beautiful bumps.

All people who like composition, thoughtful settings and props. Because it is a subject of Burlesque and Bare, so look forward to see velvet, wholesale corsets, mesh, satin gloves, of course, there are a lot of skin. This is for all those who are eager to have the opportunity to indulge in the fun of painting.

they are?

Her name is Turiya Bruce. Long-term local activists, artists, workshop hosts, etc. I am very honored to invite her to attend.

What do you get from life?

A normal life painting session allows a person to wear their “artist’s hat” for a period of time, inspired by the flaws in the perfect life style, and immersed in a creative thinking-like environment. Anyone with an artist’s heart can have fun and express their own pleasure.

Most of us who have this confusing artistic right-brain tendency understand the desire to find creative space – and create!

However, the artist’s work far exceeds the 2.5 hours of life painting. The two-day painting activity allowed the artist to embark on a deeper journey – the model and himself.

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