Lonely underwear body weight of the world revolution

In the 5 “8”, a DD Cup and an L size pants, Yasmin Moon is closer to the size of an average New Zealand lingerie than the average person sees in an ad because this logic has always been running and she is tempting to tempt the woman Buy, but it turns out she’s definitely not.

Known as “Super Femininity, Modernity and Comfort,” underwear brand Kiwi is characterized by its sophisticated designs and high waist briefs and is known as “a woman fit for lingerie.”

Unlike most wholesale corsets brands wholesale corsets, these brands offer feminine super feminine visuals whose marketing tends to be more about 95% of women’s timeless sex – lonely models are almost always happily photographed but sometimes Their mother or child.

Most notably, lone marketing is characterized by the glorious reach of size, race, gender representation, age, religious background and physical ability.

This is a popular method, especially in a democratized social media world. One of Lonely’s most popular Instagram posts shows that actress Jemima Kirke took a selfie that she could not take in her red collection.

But, almost equally popular is the portrait of a woman with secondary breast cancer, set next to the lemon tree set by Marigold.

One commented: “This is probably the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen, and the other said:” Go through the Queen.

In response to the global financial crisis, loneliness launched in 2009 underwear series. It owns 50-50, living partner and three parents by Helene Morris and Steven Ferguson, and six years ago founded the fashion brand Lonely Hearts Club in Wellington. In those days of shortages, they thought selling beautiful panties and bras was easier than wearing nice pants and clothes.

The two met in Aspen, a mutual friend. Helen, who is training as a graphic and textile designer, is working in a pizzeria. It was here that she first told Steve, a professional ski lover, that she would one day have a clothing business. This aroused Steve’s interest.

He said: “I rarely see a very attractive woman.

“I deeply believe her firm belief.”

Helene was raised by teenage parents in Palmerston North and both continued to pursue a master’s degree. Helen’s English teacher mother, a makeup-avoiding feminist, took her and her sister fishing at sea, stitched and taught them everything to do.

Steve grew up at Devonport on the north shore of Auckland. His father is an artist, a yoga teacher and a surfer. He is a “creative, spiritual man,” and Steve said his parents are mainly responsible for navigating the world on their own.

Though supported by strong, individualistic parents, none of them had a large family support network until Helen and Steve met.

Helen showed a lot of hustle and bustle when he was a child. At College Street Normal Elementary, she produced a school newspaper for sale at her library during lunchtime. As a teenager, she had a Christmas card business.

Steve said he took a moment to find out about his powerful lawsuit.

“I go to school, this is not my business, I have not received any training, life experience is my only way to learn how to run a business.

He said the shift from fashion to underwear is “crisis innovation.”

In 2009, when they launched the “lonely”, found underwear more diverse than fashion. Ten years later, gave us Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. The industry is dominated by the sprayed and waving templates set by Victoria’s Secret. Helen, pregnant with their second child, has changed from size 8 to size 14 or 16.

Initially, Lonely made only the soft cup style – they do not have steel support technology, while the high padded bra bra at the Helen’s hatred.

Karen Inderbitzen-Waller’s first event on the brand was a young, blonde-haired blonde with cat ears in bed, described by one critic as “mouth-watering.”

Shortly afterwards, the designer Zara Mirkin filmed a series of looser and more attractive portraits of girls with guitars, piercings and Led Zep posters on their walls, mid-line bras, denim and French Lantern shirt. Some are professional models, but most are not.

In a few seasons, working with young female photographers, including Milkin and Harry, took a series of portraits of the Lonely Girls project, and Lonely began to form Species aesthetics.

A lonely girl is photographed in natural light, usually in her own home or in the garden, with little or no hair and makeup, and lonely girls may have armpit hair, stretch marks or soft cushions. They have no payment except for the product. They do not have professional hair and makeup. And they are not Photoshop’s.

These photos are placed on their website and in their Instagram account, with photos from beautiful surroundings (pool, garden, sunlit, high-ceilinged apartments) and Lonely’s design (lavender, cornflower, rust, marigold, But mostly from the serenity of their theme.

Jessica Thornley took a picture with her youngest daughter when she was pregnant with a second child, and she said her solo photo took about three minutes. Although she was standing outdoors wearing underwear, and she usually would not do it, she realized that “the most real, the most realistic” was about the final photo.

Last year, girl creator Lena Dunham and actress Jemima Kirke were included in Mirkin’s filming series in New York City. In a photo posted on Lonely’s Instagram account, the two sat in a seemingly unobtrusive bathroom, with Dunham resting a foot on Kirke’s chair. On the other hand, they sit together in bed and Kirk applies lipstick to Dunham. Their bodies naturally rest instead of stretching to a lovable position, comfortably, you can see some occasional intimacy of women’s friendship.

The two Hollywood actors put on a meaningless photograph in their underwear, a global news story that includes The Daily Mail, The Fashion, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, And the New York Times, the United States and Britain’s major media. At Lonely’s US public relations firm, two staff members work full time and collect all the newspaper clippings.

“Every image is real and every one is very beautiful,” Teen Vogue said.

“The statement they make to girls around the world is a very powerful one.”

The Daily Mail takes the classic Daily Mail – Judgment – but coveted: “Two mums, Jamie Ma, while wearing an ice-blue classic lace bra, this is where her nipples are exposed to the fabric .

Coverage Lonely brought a 1 billion impression, the site received more than 600,000 views. This attention also gives Lonely a platform to express other ideas and values. In a Forbes interview, Helen highlighted Victoria’s secrets, not just the brand’s model, but because of the “greedy” CEO’s compensation and poor manufacturing practices.

Lonely is headquartered in Takapuna Industrial Estate, a gym next to a studio, a bicycle wrecker and a Harley-Davidson store.

Helene designs two underwear, swimwear and apparel collections each year – about 400 styles each year.

Once sampled and graded, the style is tested on a range of sizes, which means that lone can take a series of models of these pre-production samples. They got a G-Cup (though not the size of each band) and a size of 16. Lonely research shows that in 30 sizes, it offers the largest range of any independent underwear business, and after two years of development, it has just added two soft-cup maternity styles.

Produced in a small, certified child labor free factory in Guangzhou, China, the product is marketed online in the United States and Australia and sold through stockists with 60% of overseas sales.

Business is booming. There are 35 employees now and eight employees four years ago. In the past three years, it has opened three retail stores in New Zealand, all of which have an unusual design feature – customer safety, interior decoration hidden in the street. Instead of the shop window, there is only one sign of the shop hanging on the wall and one door.

In Lonely’s newest store in Newmarket, it is full of sandalwood luxury, low lighting, velvet armchairs, a glass of water from the rose-colored hand-crafted Monmouth glass and the Marfa magazine and the Durga Chewy – Bose The essay is too much, not the mood for sale. Procurement packaging in the bag, hidden in a drawer-shaped box.

Although the company has experienced significant growth, Steve said he would be pleased with the slow and steady things.

“We are not a technology company, we do not want to occupy the world, we do not have a good slow track, we just want a bigger, better organic self version.

He said the couple’s success means more than just material. Personal development of employees is also important. It sounds like management until I see a Pilates class in the studio, realizing that a whole lot of lonely employees seem to have some interesting side projects on the go.

The site manager runs a “bread sharing” program where she bakes yeast and lets others take turns buying and donating to charity. Wholesale nurses gave the independent food magazine Stone Soup illustrations. The stock controller was accepted as a master sculpture class in Florence next year, and a sales assistant ran the Albert Eden board of directors last year during the Auckland City Council election. Ella Sarjant, a former Stella McCartney lingerie designer whose genius as a model maker first gave Lonely a lingerie-style design that once sailed from Papua New Guinea to Alaska. In the past 18 months, three staff members had children.

The authenticity of marketing is very good and groundbreaking, but they insist that women-friendly values ​​must also be expressed in less obvious ways.

Helen said: “This is not just to say it, or to show an image, but to do this.

“Negotiating with a factory for 30 sizes means having the flexibility of a staff with a baby to help women further their careers – all these.

The cultural influence of loneliness may mean more than sales. The implications of marketing are beyond the reach of billboards, and customers around the world are now excited about what the brand does.

Rebecca Wadey, Lonely’s head of marketing, said customers constantly email and send messages to the brand, sometimes with notes that she’s crying over.

“We got amazing DMs from some people, for example:” Recently I was very disappointed with myself. I was always distressed about my body image and gave me a lot of confidence. Really exciting. ”

Occasionally, customers may debate with each other or bring the brand to any question – is Kylie Jenner with or without cosmetic surgery an attractive story of Lonely’s Instagram story?

“We are not afraid of those conversations,” Helen said.

“Having them is really important, and that’s the way people learn.

“It’s incredible how to make customers so smart, and if the customer is not real, the customer knows it, we are loyal to ourselves and our employees, what we are doing and know that it gives us more years of confidence.”

At a recent dinner, a man told the brand’s founder, a lonely billboard shows a dark-skinned woman with stretch marks on her buttocks, the sexiest thing he ever seen.

“We think so,” Helen said.

“For us, the most beautiful thing is to be yourself, the perceived shortcoming often makes you more sexy and beautiful.

“It’s like it sounds cheesy, it’s just hugging it, sometimes it’s not easy to do, but it’s really what we need.

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