New hair, new me. Isn’t it something that people say? Well, it is true. Hair reflects someone’s soul. The way you carry yourself can change with the way your hair is.

To gain some new confidence and perspective in life, playing around with your hair will allow a room full of opportunities. So here are some of the best short hairstyles and haircuts to try to make the most of 2022!

The Classic Bob

Shorter at the back and longer in the front is the simplest description of this classic bob. This haircut provides a classic and sleek look with the way it is styled.

The overall length of the hair is kept to a short, however, the way that it is styled shorter at the back and longer at the front can provide comfort for those looking for a change, yet not wanting to risk everything.

Box Braids 

If you’re looking for something which is very low maintenance yet can be dressed up or down – then box braids are the way to go.

Perfectly braided all around your head, box braids provide comfort and elevate the worrying regarding the hair. Box braids can be easily maintained to their perfect style for many days, yet they can elevate the overall look.


Longer than curtain bangs, but shorter than the average hair length, layers take the outlook to whole new other levels.

Layers frame the face to make it look more chiseled and stylish. It is also easy to maintain, without the constant need to straighten or blow-dry. The natural textures work well to give that layered look.


As newer look take part in the fashion industry, so do trends that are riskier. Chopping it all away is a risk, however, it is a risk that provides good results.

Pixie simply means chopping the length away. However, this chop doesn’t mean to eradicate hair, it means to feel liberated.


The quickest way to make a short haircut look its best is to style it into waves. Either using a straightener or a curling iron, add those beautiful curls and then brush them out once or twice.

This adds a good amount of volume and texture to the hair. Adding some accessories such as nice clips or a band, the hair is ready for a day out!  


Bangs with short hair length is a combination that many people opt for. The combination of the short length which is easy to manage and the bangs whether curtain or side is a little hard to manage – give the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Bangs have always been part of fashion and have recently made a comeback to be the ultimate look for 2022.

French Braid Top-Knot

One of the easiest and low-maintenance hairstyles is the French braid combined with a top-knot.

This collects and calms the unruly short hair, yet by tying it together at the top it provides the perfectly made-up styled look.

Final Thoughts

Hair is the quickest way to judge someone’s personality. The way it’s styled is what shows how put-together an individual is.

Styling short hair can be difficult, however with these easy suggestions above, hairstyles can be made beautiful!

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