If you looking to give your look an update after staying at home for over 18 months, why not give yourself a short hairstyle? Having a short hairstyle will give your neck some breeze and also make it easy to style. A fresh haircut is one of the most exhilarating feelings ever. If you do not want to go for really short, short style, you can opt for a lob. There are many options for every hair texture. If you are someone who does not like to spend a lot of time styling your hair, you can go for a shake-it-and-go choice.

The length of short layered hairstyles is from ear-to-neck length, featuring short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom. This will add more shape and volume. By adding blended layers on short hair will give the hairstyle more texture, fullness and dimension. This is great for women who have thin hair.

In order to give you some inspiration on the different short layered hair styles, here are some gorgeous looks that can be your guide. You may want to save them in your mood board or pin them in your Pinterest account.

A lob hairstyle is one that is cut somewhere between the chin and collarbone. A lob is a shortened term for a long bob and lobs vary in length. Layers do not have to be choppy like this short wavy lob with middle parting.

Curtain bangs with short layered hair is definitely trending right now. Any layered look looks amazing with curtain bangs. This style gives a lot of flexibility when styling and it looks great when the hair is worn curly or straight.

This slightly layered bob looks amazing on Natalie Portman. It has a French-Girl chic look. The subtle highlights on the hair add dimension for some extra movement.

Pixies are a striking hair and when you throw in some highlights, it takes the hair to another level. A longer layered top is easier to style and you can mix up the look every day. The tapered short sides radiate a feminine feel. 

A stylish short stacked bob with layers is perfect for women who have thick hair. The layering in the inner part of the hair helps to remove bulk and texture while adding some shape. Adding some highlights to the hair will add dimensional effect.

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