It is a fact that most things in this world go through several transformations or even trends that come and go at the same time. And in the universe of cosmetics, more precisely makeup, this is no different, everything is constantly changing.

And today we’re going to talk a little bit about breaking the makeup rules and how that influences your authenticity. In the world of makeup, there are no rules, everything is allowed according to your personal style.

However, you still hear a lot about a predetermined list of rules that society still imposes,    such as, for example, that you shouldn’t wear red lipstick during the day, be careful with the amount of blush to be applied so as not to look ridiculous between so many other factors.

Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points of our makeup, mainly because nobody wants to go out on the street and be a joke to other people, however, one thing that we must never lose is our essence, which includes our shape to make up.

The fact is that despite the rules imposed by society and industry, there are still companies that focus on producing products that provide total freedom for women to apply makeup in a lighter way and without rules.

An example of this is makeup using neon colors, which were previously only used in themed parties or for a little more artistic work, but which recently can be seen in everyday life,         composing beautiful makeup.

An issue to be discussed is also that when it comes to makeup there are no specific rules to be followed, which is recommended to apply techniques already known according to your personal style, be it a more elaborate outline during the day, and that it depends on your personal taste.

The personal focus is never to get stuck in a pattern that is not yours or even try to be something you are not. Recent styles such as colored eyeliner and also in the graphic style are super in trend, going beyond the limits of what is standard.

Below we will list some rules that can (and should) be broken when it comes to makeup:

-Strong colors should be avoided: With regard to shadows, much is speculated about how, when, and where to use them. Colors such as blue, yellow, and red can and should be incorporated into makeup through smokey eyeliner, giving a color on the lips, like mascara and so on.

-Better not to use mascara on the part underneath the eyelashes: If you like it and feel comfortable with it, play friend and be happy.

-No Smokey Eyes during the day: Smokey eyes can be used in the morning, afternoon, night and whenever you feel free to do so.

-Hair and eyebrows must be the same color: Eyebrows don’t necessarily have to be the same color as your hair. This contrast can make everything more fun.

-Flashy mouth and neutral eye: Lipsticks with more flashy colors can be combined with a more elaborate eye.

-Glitter should be used sparingly: Use glitter any way you want, whether it’s on your eyes, lips or even your hair.

– Eyeliner needs to be symmetrical: The classic kitten eyeliner remains firm and strong,  more recently new types of bolder lines have appeared, use them with inspiration and let your imagination go.

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