Thirteen trends and moments from NYFW 2018 still keep us talking

NYFW coming and going, let us feel excited about the fashion direction. This year there was a seismic shift in runway production such as AREA’s acquisition of a high school pool including inclusive performers on Gypsy Sport and out-of-box display concepts that will be in line with us in the coming months. As designers discover innovative ways to empower viewers to rethink what the “classic” of the industry means, innovative ways to re-energize flash jackets and elbow-length gloves become the focus of the runway.

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NYFW is experiencing a pervert. Designers are choosing more reliable models, the runway is becoming an exciting concert, and may be downright electric sensation. This is a sport and we hope it will be even more blooming in September, but before that, we will peek at our favorite moments and trends from the following non-stop week.

Area is by the pool

The indoor pool has a natural tranquility and Area takes full advantage of its advantages. With its clean, minimally tiled and calm waters, the line’s choice of runway shows in the high school pool has sparked a serenity that allows wild prints and drops of flashy collection to speak for themselves. In addition, there are no extra bonuses for athletes.

Cardi B and Anna Wintour sit together in Alexander Wang

Revel in this! Anna Wintour – the less invisible hand who decides fashion – always has the hottest seat, no matter what you think, she’s sitting next to her. Cardi B, the vocal advocate of fashion and fashion novos, eventually puts her on the throne we’ve always known she belongs to.

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Executives’ realism is the name of Alexander Wang in his last show in February, and wasting time in an endless meeting will never be better with unexpected pop colors and cool metal tones.

Matthew Adams Dolan added to his collection the 90’s style, oversized square cut except helplessness. You only know adult Cher Horowitz is now wearing the suit completely at a charity board meeting.
Calvin Klein popcorn nightmare

Ralph Simmons’s Calvin Klein show may be one of the most anticipated shows this week, but this is not the kind of impressive performance. Due to the horrifying and exciting popcorn-covered floor of the abandoned warehouse, the runway itself usurped the garments, leaving us with some lingering problems. Popcorn like flash or sand? Will participants pick the core from hair and shoes in the next few weeks? Only time will give the answer.

Desmond Napoleon supports the Gypsy runway

Children are the future! Desmond Napoles, a 10-year-old “kid,” made his own NYFW in the Gypsy Sport show and was cute. Inspired by gender-afflicted RuPaul and designers like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Commes DesGarçons, Napoles calls his style “Avant-garde,” positioning himself as a hermaphrodite who wants to see more many.

Gypsy’s commitment to diversity goes beyond Napoles. This route led to the growth of the model, casting men, women and non-Hispanics of all sizes and ages, each sending a fierce confidence that the performance of Rio de Janeiro would be out of touch with the present.

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Jonathan Simkhai likes Kleist’s look, choosing rich fabrics such as lace and velvet for the Victorian staple.

Vaquera in New York City has its own corset, with the smallest denim, peeking the skin through the rope.

Cardi B and Lil’Kim wander around Marc Jacobs

Do you think Kadi will only have a landmark moment? Are we thinking of the same Cardi? One of NYFW’s most anticipated shows saw the fresh green tones of the two rappers encouraging.

Angel Chorus at Pyer Moss

The NYFW exhibition by Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder and designer of Pyer Moss, is a pure black celebration. His use of the White Gospel Chorus is pure, solidifying his refreshing talent as a watch for the upcoming season. We are more holy to it.

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