Can you wear a corset and become a feminist? One woman said it was the most powerful symbol of male oppression – but another said it was more

What might be the stronger symbol of men’s oppression of women than the corset? So when stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Lily James appeared at the British Academy Awards Ceremony, I could scarcely believe my eyes, and these British Academy movie awards were tightened on Steely O’Hara’s corset.

wholesale corsets

Yes, I still look forward to glittering charms, even though the Royal Albert Hall must wear a black-style ring on the red carpet on Sunday evenings, but choosing such a restrictive outfit to support “I do too The “harassment” seems particularly ironic.

It was just like yesterday, as a young feminist of the 1960s, I got rid of the belt and honey that proved so affordable for my mother and grandmother.

At that time, my size was 8 and the waistline was 23 inches, but still wearing the most impressive belt under my canvases, the exquisite fitting dress and the Audrey Hepburn-style matador trousers. I remember that weird boyfriend who, in a slow dance, would have his hand wandering too much on my back, hitting the rigid panels of skeletons and elastic armor – stopping him from death.

I can still hear the murmuring of my grandmother’s darkness as she warns the body (‘it will ruin your stomach’) and morality (‘good woman will not go out without a belt … it’s not right’) Rather than the meaning of restrictive underwear.

Fortunately, however, dancing at night in a shift suit or a denim jacket did not cut a sharp scar on the chest.

wholesale corsets

Keep in mind that escaping from a non-pink pink foundation dress or a black “happy widow” surprises me that wholesale corsets should enjoy such a public rejuvenation today when young women seem to be on their way to The loss of status in society and how they relate to men.

However, they were wearing a black Dior Haute Couture dress on Baftas – Jennifer Lawrence, with a tight waistline and a solid square front panel, highlighting her chest.

At the same time, Lily James is more like a Victorian lady, she has not put on her clothes – a tight black silk corset, with a defined cup to lift and emphasize the breasts. Coupled with billowing transparent organza skirt, looks like a tulle petticoat.

And Burberry’s dress makes her look like she’s still playing Disney’s Cinderella.

The whole trend, of course, sent some very mixed messages during the days after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

wholesale corsets

For all the progress made by women, it looks like “hot” is still the top priority. Even though these women insist they do it for themselves, they have chosen a stylish vocabulary to undermine their changing aspirations.

Women should be free to look good, but no matter what they want to say, why wear this way of getting us back centuries?

The Victorian and Edwardian women’s bodies were distorted by the corset, and these women’s bodies followed with the loose draped gowns of the twenties shawl and brassiere thirties screens sirens. Then there was a well-designed Jane Russell bra in the 1940’s that ended the fifties gowns, not to mention my belt when I was young.

But liberation appears in Chanel’s ‘sweater-style’ comfort, then in the 1960s dresses and seventies calico.

But now we do not call them wholesale corsets, we have “controls”, “outlines” and “shapes” to wear, some say they are equally repressed. And currently keen on the “waist sneakers” and promote the hand across the waist of the red carpet tight dress is a retrograde step. The most worrisome is the impact on young people: Mums who are not middle-aged are wearing them, but those who are already very skin-thin, eventually reaching the waistline of a 9-year-old.

Today’s feminism puzzled confused. Despite all the rhetoric about freedom from gender stereotypes, women seem to want to be more consistent with male fantasies. There is an obsession these days, and it looks like the first feminist did not share it.

wholesale corsets

These wholesale corsets run the risk of exaggerating the female form until it becomes almost a comic, brainwashed because many young women are Disney’s super-female images and erotic curves. Recently, it was all breasts and ‘chest implants’, but now small waist can replace them.

I am worried about all these contradictory messages, young women said: ‘We are free to choose. We are strong. We will stand on men’s predatory attempts – albeit attractive and rarely able to wear corsets.

In a sense, they found a voice: in the other sense, the language of the clothes put them wholeheartedly.

Interestingly, a lady is absolutely right on Baftas on Sunday.

Not the best actress Champion Frances McDormand, who resisted wearing pink and red. Not even the Duchess of Cambridge. I mean host Joanna Ramli, whose glamorous full-size black gown does not give anything. She managed to look more elegant than anyone else.

Young actress noticed.

YES says Rowan Pelling

Corset more than oppression, because I suspect Hollywood’s ladies are very clear.

They can also act like armor and become an obstacle to the world.

Let us not forget that the corset came from the word “tights” – reminiscent of the most intense tension and rigid morality of the Puritans.

This is of course someone who Jennifer Lawrence seems to be spreading in Bartos. Her simple yet extremely chic black satin dress gave her the air of an important reformer.

I also recall the bereaved Joan of Arc.

How fitting – because the stars on the screen now consider themselves to be the Crusaders who intend to transform Hollywood’s moral character.

Other stars also used this spectacular combat suit. Angelina Jolie wears black velvet dress with Ralph and Roseau.

Lily James wears a loose belt in her Burberry jacket – a black mirror of her foamy blue Disney Cinderella dress.

At the same time, Kate Mara and Leticia Wright’s black dress are decorated with master-style armor.

So why did they choose this way to post their feminist statements?

On the one hand, a corset wraps a gentle curve of hardness and softness, a statement of independence and authority that discourages men. On the other hand – very useful for those actresses who still hope to look good – they emphasize the waist and chest.

The lack of styling and form of a women’s garment conveys the message that “anything will happen” – as opposed to the current feeling of Hollywood.

So when returning to a woman’s chest today, the actress shows certainty, consistency, and clarity.

This is the perfect secret of a modern corset: it provides the wearer with a refined silhouette and posture while maintaining comfort thanks to the elastic fabric and the softer cushion bon. .

I have five dresses made by the bustier Queen Viven Westwood and wears wild dances in all of them.

However, no one dared to take the risk of unnecessary crushing when I was wearing one. They are just a little daunting – just ask Jennifer Lawrence.

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