Instagram star flaunting “the world’s smallest waist” and a hugely fun chest shooting

A woman dressed in “the smallest waist in the world” turned her head and turned her head in stingy clothes.

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Sophia Wollersheim, her glamorous Sophia Vegas, measures a tiny 18.5 inches around her belly.

Thanks to her striking appearance, the German bomb has destroyed more than 140,000 Instagram fans.

There are rumors that the 30-year-old has surgically removed four ribs and created an extremely hourglass shape.

It was reported that in a procedure that was too dangerous for a German doctor, she traveled abroad to complete her work.

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Sofia now likes to show off her body, wearing a series of rough clothes.

wholesale sexy corsets and tights make her highlight her curvilinear frame.

Although Sophia’s bizarre styling contributed to her reputation, the social media star is also known for other reasons.

She is the ex-wife of Bert Wollersheim, the mainstay of the Düsseldorf Red Light District.

The tiny influential influence also involved in television and music.

Last year she ranked second in the German version of “I am a celebrity,” and released a solo single with Snoop Dogg.

Sofia is not the only Instagram fan who can rock Jessica Rabbit style frames.

Pamela Anderson seems to have spent 200,000 pounds, looks like a doll version of the Beverly Star.

Another hourglass pin buckle insisted on wearing a wholesale sexy corsets everyday for 23 hours – included in the sex.

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