PAWSOME Now you can buy pajamas with your pet’s face … and they’re cat’s whiskers

Animal lovers can now buy sexy sleepwear with the faces of their pets – and they’re crafty.

sexy sleepwear

American fashion brand Patricia’s Couture is the brand behind the barking mad sexy sleepwear.

Shoppers simply have to upload photos of their furry friends to the site, and designers of casual wear brands can do the rest. sexy sleepwear price is 107 pounds.

sexy sleepwear

The site explains: “We print all pets, so feel free to upload images of rabbits, frogs, hamsters, fish, lizards, etc. We ask for you to have these rights or to have access to the photos.”

If your sexy sleepwear do not swing your tail, you can also print your pet’s face on a scarf, pocket, and bandana.

sexy sleepwear

Happy customers share their PJ and pet snapshots on Instagram.

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