Louis let her play in the song and dance, the old song premiere

The musician is heavy on a sexy nets, harnesses and cheap sexy corsets is a given – but it is also sparkling, hedonistic, somewhat off the surface that is completely thought-provoking. When I arrived in Cardiff at the Bord Gais Energy Theater in Dublin before arriving, I was blown away and still thinking after a few days.

Bill Kenwright’s work was directed by Rufus Norris and choreographed by Javier de Frutos. Music figures are very good, superb dance scenes, the story is profound. It shows why the song and dance show won the 13 Tony Award, including the original Broadway production of the best music.

The song and dance show about the unfortunate romantic story between the nightclub singer Sally Bowles and the bisexual American cliffs William Cliff Bradshaw, who had arrived in Berlin and wanted to find inspiration to write his novel. In this process, it solved the serious problems of the political climate in Berlin during the pre-World War II period when the Nazi regime began to make it feel.

The handsome Philadelphia Charles Hagerty brought the subtle and depth of Cliff Bradshaw’s role, and Cliff Bradshaw found himself suddenly involved in Berlin’s dance performances, smuggling and political decline. From his point of view about this story, and Charles – his mother came from Delhi, which was an important role. He lived and lived in New York for 17 years, and last year he married his British partner and moved to England.
In the song and dance performances, the relationship between the cliff and Sally seems to be moving towards marriage, and to the United States transfer, but eventually fall apart. Abortion and cliffs were beaten by Sally is one of the more dramatic events.

“It’s a lot of razzmatazz, and I will not call it light entertainment,” he said. “It’s meat, there’s something to say – it’s not just putting some great songs together , I think it’s one of the best musical plays ever, it’s an actor who plays a role-playing role material. ”

Of course, all the eyes are 42-year-old Louise Redknapp (Louise Redknapp), formerly the eternal girl band, they like Sally Bowles. Since the beginning of the tour in September, her premiere musical role has caused a lot of publicity.

This is mainly because it was revealed in the summer, her 19-year-old high-profile marriage to the football player Jamie Reid Knight is troublesome. Over the past few years, Louis’s performance career has risen in the series that appeared in the strict dance of 2016.

The Opera House was first held in Broadway in 1966, and Liza Minnelli played Sally’s role in the 1972 film edition. Her brilliant performance will be part of the musical into one of the most coveted part of the high heels in any of the people are arduous task. Although not terrible, and the players on the pitch Lewis is also training in the Italian Conti school, but in his premiere musical played a very good and strong voice, and explicit their own.

Although the Irish media interviewed Redknapp and Young was canceled one night before our flight because of a sudden “arrangement of the conflict”, Louis admitted in an interview in the UK that she had recently tried to avoid the film because the stage musical had different performance Sally Powers.

First of all, Minelli’s Sally is an American, and the original books and stage performances will be Sally as an English woman to Berlin, a star of the song and dance performances, and is Kit Kat Klub’s head.

Popular idol champion Will Young will be the ritual master at the club. He was nominated for the Olivier Prize in a production in the Western District in 2012. He also completely steals the program in this suburban area.

His character is pleasant and gorgeous and charming, but evil and threatening. It works very well and offers many lighter moments in the dark filled with sad and sad music.

To Susan Penhaligon in particular to sing the German host family, Fraulein Schneider and Linal Haft as Jewish fruit supplier Schultz.

They are destined to break the romance of your mind, playing well.

The production of the song and dance performances is recommended, but ready to go home dazzling, confused and provocative.

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