Breasts, buttocks and nets: Portsmouth Uni Halloween gets NAUGHTY

The south coast classrooms are likely to be filled with students from Honduras today because their party’s funny patterns are there.

Some images were photographed with red wholesale sexy corsets, fishnet stockings and hot pants girl, enough to reveal the bare cheek show.

Others caught naughty undergraduates wearing salad police, rabbits and witch-like clothes.

About 5,000 students of the University of Portsmouth celebrate Halloween in some serious sexy suits. Carnival Carnival until the early Halloween party party.

Of course, the clothes were proved to be chosen with others, including a person who decided to completely leave his top.

There are men in tutus, women in wedding dresses and the other two dressed as unicorns.

Ghost makeup is also everywhere, chalk and false blood covered with carnival.

However, some obviously can not handle their beverages because further images capture students on the pavement.

On the one hand, the security rushed to the side of the scene, drunk, his head against the ground.

It is hard to imagine that you will have done too much work today.

Need a sexy Halloween dress up inspiration? Look through the gallery’s hotties.

Daily Star Online revealed before, Halloween Baby in the nightmare of the nightmare in the night of the best-selling throughout the country.

Party animals are hot in the streets of Newcastle, Birmingham and Leeds.

Despite the fine weather, short stature girls are also wearing a series of clothing, including the playboy rabbit.

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