Based on your sign, you are the kind of underwear

Each constellation has certain characteristics and functions. Some constellations are good friends when they need comfort, while others are people who push you better. Some parties are fun and some are good. Everyone has a place in our life, just like our underrated friend, underwear. From boxers to sports bras, from wholesale sexy corsets to thongs, all underwear has a clear purpose. So, here we tell you what underwear you are based on your horoscope!
Aries: push-up bra

Aries believes to push people to do better and to do more, so a push-up bra is their underwear partner. Arizona and pushup bras are all designed to enhance things there and are an extra hot spot!
Taurus: T-shirt bra

Comfort is the best word to describe Taurus and T-shirt bras. Simple, practical, practical T-shirt bra is the security of many people, just like the steady and simple Tauren.
Gemini: Multiple bras

Gemini is about flexibility and versatility, so their underwear is a multi-way bra. Like them, adaptable, versatile and versatile, the versatile bra performs many functions, just like Geminis, acting in many different ways.
Cancer: Grandma underwear

Some people think that cancer is the kind of mother’s feeling of warmth, underwear in the form of grandmother’s underwear, so that their similar underwear (sounds weird). This is underwear, you turn comfortable, especially in times of trouble (period, anyone?).
Leo: gorgeous corset

Gorgeous and luxurious Leos are all about charm and fashion. A gorgeous corset that not only adorns itself, but also enhances their form and is liked by lions. Complete lace, bowknot, straps and pieces, Leos love these bras!
Virgo: high waist shape

Virgo likes to put their feet on the front, everything in the “perfect” shape, which is why the high waist corset is their way. They are all in order to solve every “defect”, pay attention to every little detail, these small details are patched in a very alert manner, such as corset.
Libra: Thong panties

Thongs, like Librans’ preferences, are about appearance rather than functionality. Aesthetics and beauty from the beautiful things are very important to Libra, not just the practicality of something, so it is only natural for the small and lovely G-strings to fit in exactly with them.
Scorpio: corset

Painful but sexy, corset resembling Scorpio itself. They can be fierce to suffocating, and look good. In addition, corsets and Scorpio are weird and complex, so that they become perfect with the Chinese Zodiac and lingerie!
Sagittarius: sports bra

Sagittarius and sports bras are perfect for outdoor activities and sports. They are helpful and beneficial to physical activity. But Sagittarius and Sports Bra are unreliable for other practical purposes and do not provide much protection and support.
Capricorn: seamless bottom

Capricorn is a very complex and stable zodiac person, who will not be found inappropriate hair. Seamless underwear can make any line smooth, the most compact dress looks perfect, is their favorite underwear, in all their seemingly simple and organized ability.
Aquarius: weird bra
Wild, eccentric, adventurous, lacy style is a tremendous new era trend. As Aquarius is about new and unique, this is what they like about underwear. Free and bold like Aquarius, the swatch is not a stable support system, but they’re really fun!
Pisces: silk shorts
Silk shorts like a soft and comfortable dream, is a relaxed underwear that one can lose. Easy and gentle Pisces is so gentle and gentle. Pisces is to relieve your troubles, as is the breezy flirting shorts.
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