What are we really afraid of? Is it a demonic nun and a dance witch? Or our real fears are not so direct – living outside everything we know, falling into the ground for the rest of our lives, and being forced to wear a corset and eat a gelatinous, tasteless cube to make a living? No matter what you are afraid of, the “American Horror Story” has done amazingly good work, including the eighth season of Revelation.

The focus of the show has been distorted during the season. Now it is no longer a serial killer, a demon and a zombie, and there is more fear of a politician or an impending nuclear annihilation. The last two seasons of AHS have one thing in common: they are very realistic in the fear they portray.

This is not to say that we will be imprisoned by weird authoritarian cults after the bomb explosion. It’s just the American horror story, especially in Revelation, precisely because the end of the world is something that all of us have considered, especially in the past few years, our imagination is changing.

Entering Leslie Grossman, his role in AHS Apocalypse, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt is a harsh satire on the boring 1% of the transcendental and social media culture. She roared and accused the more dignified occupants of the bunker, because “geriatrics” is the gold of American horror stories, the same level of hilarity and deep-rooted terror. Vanderbilt is undoubtedly an idiot, but at the same time, you will feel that she may be the last person to stand in the end.

We talked to Grossman about the future of this show, politics, crazy costumes, nuclear disappearances, and so on. When you’re done here, check out our interview with AHS star Adinaport and read more about the first large-scale contact with the rest of the series this season.

GameSpot: I want to talk about the second episode, you are a bit like “geriatrics.”

Leslie Grossman: This is interesting because [Adina Porter and me] are the same age.

List everything we have a lot of choices, it seems almost impromptu, so I am curious.

This is not improvisation. I can tell you that there are no programs in the impromptu performance.

This looks like something you can repeat a little bit.

I may, but this is not the place. This is a program that is very faithful to the script. And because it’s a specific world, I think it’s important to stick to the content on the page.

Although very interesting.

I don’t like to say anything to Joan [Collins], I apologize before shooting. I said, “I don’t agree with these things. I think you are charming, gorgeous and perfect.” I don’t like to yell at Joan, which is not fun for me.

Yes, of course, I never thought about it. Although I think she has heard it all, but you know.

Ok, obviously this is my character, and she goes beyond the professional player and she won’t accept any personal opinions.

I think we can look at it every season of the American horror story and say, you know, it’s easy to find out what the central theme and ideas are. I think this season is still too early, but from your point of view, what do you think is the season?

Unfortunately, this drama is very strict with the drama. I feel bad when accepting these interviews because I like, “I can’t tell you anything.” But I think, at this point, we are fighting for the souls of mankind and mankind. I think that at this point we are now involved.

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