Surely you must have already known or have seen in some piece all the charm and sophistication of satin. Clothes with this fabric always draw attention to the discreet shine, the perfect complement to an exquisite and chic look. The satin skirt is one of those options, with all its customers and versable models that make any woman more beautiful and powerful.

Satin is classic and has been used for clothing production for centuries, due to its versatility and various characteristics that give this fabric a noble status. But fortunately, as everything in fashion becomes democratic, satin became popular and won over women of all classes. Since then, it has never ceased to be a trend, that is, it is timeless. Regardless of the season, it will always be an amazing option and ideal to complement any look, whether casual or formal.

A piece that is already eclectic by itself, but with this fabric gains new possibilities to enhance the look of women of all ages and styles. Some young women may think that this skirt is only for sophisticated occasions, given the natural brilliance of this option, but that’s where they are wrong. The satin is ideal for several nuances in everyday life and combines with many blouses and shoes.

Short round

If the round skirt is already a classic, imagine the satin model! It is super trend, especially in summer, since the short type gives impressive comfort and lightness. The sea is a malleable fabric and easy to wear, without bothering and with the right tone to use in a simple and cozy way. For the younger ones, it’s a sure choice!


Midi with tulle

The tulle gives that charming and eye-catching touch to the midi-sized satin skirt. Usually, it is on top of the fabric, in a beautiful result that is the face of a party or ballad. The more colorful models always draw attention, as well as neutral colors. You look like a princess, you know? Therefore, an essential tip is to always use with heels. Oh, and some guys can even customize at home!


To give a new face to the satin skirt, going beyond the traditional monochrome, the patterned model yields many interesting ideas, with modern, floral, geometric styles, among many cool concepts. It’s worth it for a more free and casual look.

Social pencil

The social pencil skirt of seed is indicated for work and events that ask for more formality. This model tight on the legs leaves the body highlighted, especially the waist region. Both thin and fat can use. In the second case, one option not to err and harmonize the look is black.


The satin also applies to long patterning, dress-on, and to rock at fine parties. As it is light and soft, it serves for a warmer day, combined with a light blouse and even cropped top. To liven up the look, opt for more cheerful and vivid colors such as orange, blue, pink and green. The result is wonderful!

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