For those who are not in shape or just want to feel more confident, there is a quick and practical solution—— Slimming Bodysuit. This is the dream of women, who were mothers and gained weight or flaccid body some needs to model parts of their body.

Of course, you’ve already noticed those extra “tires”, in the back or in the abdominal area, that you notice when you wear a thinner or tighter piece. Now, you no longer need to hide behind your desk or a coat. The truth is that the effect of modeling lingerie can be cool and magical.

By not having ties in the back, the shapewear is a practical piece to wear, in addition to being more discreet under clothes. Although its structure is similar to a real corset in terms of modeling and type of fins, it is made with high-performance elastic materials. Its compression power provides the perfect balance between a shaping belt and a corset. Its compression effect acts on subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Shapewear is a much more powerful and durable modeler than conventional belts. With orthopedic elastic band at the waist and steel fins that guarantee its support, the piece does not curl or deform. Models and defines the silhouette from the first use, transforming the torso silhouette and reducing measurements in the medium term.

Forget the image that modelers look like your grandmother’s panties. Today, there are modeling pieces with a modern and even sexy design on the market – for the belly, chest, thighs, hips or slimming bodysuit– with different levels of modeling. In some cases you can combine more than one piece to achieve the effect.

Check the label for high, medium, or low, as you may prefer a light, comfortable model to work with. Also look for innovative fabrics, as there are several types of materials with refreshing effects, even moisturizers, antiperspirants and even anti-cellulite.

In addition, we have stores like Popilush, where we have several models of best sports bra, which ensure that you keep everything in place even when you exercise.

Modeling belts guarantee an immediate result, and the combination with physical exercises can be of great benefit, in addition to being the perfect combination, so that you have your ideal body.

There are many modeling options. Each to meet the woman’s needs at all times. Nowadays, fashion is part of the daily life of many women who have left traditional lingerie aside to spend the day as a modeler.

The modeler can be a great ally for women at different times, it’s the piece that your wardrobe needs!

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