Summer is the time when the heat breaks all the records making us feel sweaty and icky. This is the sour truth. And when the weather gets like this, all you want to do is look forward to the colder nights, where dressing up doesn’t take your soul.

Well, let us tell you that summer can be good and fun again, without the extra half-hearted effort your simple outfits can elevate your summer to the sunny days filled with laughter and fun.

The outfits in summer alone can make or break the summer that should have been fun. So now, dressing up all cute, without the effort has gotten your attention, here are some tips for your summer style and how to dress in the summer!

Light and Breezy

While dark colors are much preferred, they are friends of the winter and fall vibes. When it comes to summer wearing light and breezy colors should be the only thing you think about.

Now is the time to replace the all-black outfits, with white. Choosing pastels can make your summer not only airy but also heat-free.

Loose fits

Giving space between your body and your clothes can work wonders. Instead of the usual tight-fitting and full-sleeves opt for something which is loose-fitting.  This could also mean dresses with low backs and shorter lengths.

Make these into cute dresses by adding a loose belt, some sunglasses, and a nice handbag and you are good to go!

Breathable fabrics

The best fabric to wear in summer is something that lets your skin breathe. What this means is opting for a fabric that doesn’t retain the moisture, but lets it cool down quickly.

This could include fabrics such as cotton, linen instead of the usual velvet, silk and chiffon.


Summer is the perfect time to bring around the breezy and cute sundresses that otherwise stay at the back of your closets.

Sundresses are not only breathable and the perfect match for the summer, but they are also the cutest outfits one could pull off.

Just pair your off-shoulder sundress with cute sandals, some shades, and your favorite handbag and you are all set!

Minimize Everything

While layers are good and look professional, minimizing and sticking to one thing can be better. In summers, where every layer feels like a burden sticking to just one thing will do you good.

For example, if opting for a short dress, forget the extra cardigan of the tights. Just the dress itself can be sported with some accessories.

Similar is the case with jewelry. When opting to wear some bling, it is better to stick to one necklace, ring, or earring at a time. This will allow you more room to breathe and not have jewelry sticking to you.

Summer should be a time of fun, instead of constant worry and stress over the heat. Once you take care of your outfit and ease yourself with the lightest of clothing, you will see all your worries going in the drain and actually enjoying the fun time!

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