Can we embrace a push-up bra in real life after Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

I have a large number of 15-year-old cleavage. This is not because I am naturally lively, or blessed, but because of a weird shopping addiction that develops faster than the actual size of my chest. In the early 21st century, Victoria’s Secret provided me countless other young women of different sizes – no doubt they had the opportunity to try out a variety of bras after training. The most popular are push-ups and upholstered versions, both of which may be over-advanced at the time in terms of age and body type. When I went home, where was the mother’s lavender Demi bra stuffed with gel inserts? Now it feels like forever because the push-up bra is actually coveted. The rise of Free Nipples made them almost completely out of date, at least in fashion, with cool girls like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian West Get rid of their bras (if they did not put them as blouses, that is).

However, if millions of corsets wholesale viewers attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS, it is clear that this push-up fantasy still exists. Although you may barely notice the actual bras of all delicate feathers, sequins and jewels. This reminds me of a simple day, when a push-up bra is not this OTT, sexy clothing, but a push-ups bra. Popular idols Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears show off with their pasta tank and low-rise flared pants. Even innocent, Mandy Moore is a fan of both eyes. This is a way for young women to lose their courage by using their own sexuality as they are now.

So, now you want to lift a little elevator what’s the problem? Bella Hadid has shown that simple corsets or long sleeves, as seen on the runways of Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, can be both feminine and modern, neither nipples nor breast balloons. It is crucial to find the foundation in the middle, and of course, comfort is the key. And now, as I was in my early 30s, having a small structure under my blouse or skirt (maybe lifting and shaping) was certainly a compliment.

I admire the always sexy Sophia Loren, one of the original pioneers of this slightly elevated look. The Italian bomb knows what works for her body, and her chest aesthetics is not, at least in my head, a girl or a sex place, but a woman with simple confidence and comfort on her own skin. I did not really want a bigger bust, and I knew I would never be like Victoria’s secret model, but those padded bras I bought in high school made me feel like I was on a small scale more with me Their femininity is linked. The perfect round breast was completely out of sync with the real female body when I watched last night’s fashion show – and of course I was in no hurry to pull out the “Miracle” bra I tried on the 15th. But I also do not object a little bit, and frankly, there should not be others. My chest is my own, can lift, shape or relax freely.

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