This positive T-shirt label gives a new meaning to the phrase that releases the nipple

T-shirt label HighRack Honey hug, and rack. You know, plump breasts! Big breasts. Magic ball swinging back and forth. Founded by Melbourne designer Tessa McGregor, HighRack Honey’s chic trendy top has become a hot topic, attracting many Australian Instagram stars, as well as Kylie Jenner and Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd’s attention. These shirts range from how much they reveal, from cheeky, simple pieces such as the increasingly popular Darlin ‘shirt in black and white buttons, from the front buttons to the top of a plaid lace-cut crop, appropriately titled Boobtube.

McGregor was inspired by the 1980s bathing suits on the map, the Victoria Secret catalogs of the ’90s and retro pornography, not to mention the eternal beauty of the female image. “I want to do some cheap sexy corsets you can feel,” McGregor said. “Something makes the body smoother. “In the 90s, I fell in love with a pure white piece with jeans, the ultimate sexy outfit, I wanted to bring them back, but add something.” Three years ago, McGregor, Embroidered blouse bought at a local second-hand store started its own brand. “I tried out the style and tailoring, and figured out where I was feeling the most amazing, and then we finally got what we made, and they were based on my favorite second-hand shirt,” she said. “Who does not love rib?

HighRack Honey’s Instagram account, highrack_, also boasted of the unpleasantness of clothes, and I was the woman who heard me growl. It has accumulated over 22,000 dedicated subordinates, including New York cool boys like Gabriel Held and Michelle Salem. The feed is primarily a towering, rugged image of swirling 1970s, Naomi Campbell top bodice, Jaime King’s free-fall chest in the 90s and dagger-like French manicure with a script knot Ice cake, simply, I love your tits. Of course, can not miss their nipple uploads. The sharp visual effect is that McGregor sees Jennifer Aniston as the year of Rachel on Friends and is also known as the idol of OG FreeTheNipple. McGregor said: “She is my role model.” She is sexy and free. ”

Although McGregor has received most of her love for her Instagram account, she has also taken some hot buxom feed. “Unfortunately, I got the story, many, many times, but it does not stop me,” she said, adding that the free nipple problem is a constant problem. “Hopefully sexual freedom and expression will prevail! Looks like the HighRack Honey’s chic, almost no shirt, to give some support to hobby sports.

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