She has come back! Candice Swanepoel is the red teddy bear in her sexiest semi-nude photo as she prepares to be her mother for the first time at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


When she disappeared last year, she became a mother and will return to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway.

But 29-year-old Candice Swanepoel has really taken the spotlight as she looks at Shanghai’s fashion show in a series of lingerie.

Lying in bed in an intimate setting, the model touches on her enviable figure, relentless in her translucent red teddy bear.

The South African-born beauty casts a flirtatious look, tilts her head back and lets her sunny blond curls fall on her incredible waist.

The mother guarantees that all her eyes correctly see her rich assets, because the wholesale sexy corsets are decorated with sophisticated floral embroidery.

Victoria’s Secret Angel slipped into a corset in another playful moment, with a translucent lace corset clinging to her petite body.

Candace exudes a sexy charm, with completely miserly underwear revealed her ra look appearance.

The blonde chose a dramatic eyeliner, but a nude lipstick that noticed her eyes as she lay on a plush cushion in bed.

In the last two photos, the underwear model was confident in wearing a gray bra and translucent briefs.

Candace will reunite on the runway with the secret beauty of Victoria, including models Elsa Horsk and Alexandra Ambrosio.

Model is preparing to be held on November 28 at the CBS Chinese underwear parade.

Candice, who stood out from the crowd last year, shows that she still has the power to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The model gave birth to her first child Anacã in October 2016 with her longtime boyfriend Hermann Nicoli.

When she first met her Brazilian model boyfriend in Paris, she was 17 years old and started working in August 2015.

The proud mother disclosed that she had spent a lot of time on her son, and she could not help but be interested in her son’s “incredible.”

In recent months, she wrote on Instagram: “Anacardi is incredible – I looked at him, I can not believe he was mine. As a young girl, I did not ask for someone’s baby, but I absolutely feel The voice of nature is a mummy, I just like it.

“It’s really important to spend time on him in the last few months.

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