Baseball a national sport lies at the heart of every American. Whether you are a football or a basketball fan, in the season of baseball your true alliance always returns. The ball hitting the bat, the announcement of Yankees, and the Mets, and the roar of the audience in the stadium always hits different when it comes to baseball.

To non-baseball fans, the uniform is the first thing on sight and so here is a guide to making sure that your baseball attire is ready for the spring-summer matches.

The Identity

The identity of a baseball fan shows through their uniform and so to decide allegiance also means picking out the perfect colors.

Each team has its specific colors, whether the uniforms are white with hints of blues or have a completely solid color with pinstripes. This is also a way to identify fans of respective teams.

So when preparing to design a uniform, the base color is important to decide. This will set the tone for the rest of the playing season. For example, the colors closely associated with the Yankees are white, midnight blue, and grey. Similarly, the Red Sox proudly sport red and white.

When preparing the uniform, an emotional attachment is seen. It may arise from childhood and link back to family days spent watching the matches, or as an adult making decisions based on team favorites.

A uniform is prominent from its colors and picking the best will set the tone for the rest of the season.

Keeping it Simple

Before considering anything else, the main objective of a uniform should be that it needs to be comfortable. As the players who must stay in the uniform attire for hours long, it would be best to keep it simple.

A lot of colors or designs can take away from the purpose of playing the game and can be a distraction. Although designing and adding colors can make the uniform stand out, it can also make the players reasonably feel out of their skin.

Uniforms that are out of the comfort zone as the image shows below, can be subjected to the audience’s mockery, which is never ideal for anyone.

When choosing the perfect uniform, the players are needed to be kept in mind. This means picking the best material for both jersey and pant that showcases and boosts the team’s confidence.

Knowing the Rules

When designing a baseball uniform from scratch, there are some rules based upon the guidelines of the national governing bodies that should be kept in mind. Of course most of these rules apply for the national teams, however some do vary for the minor leagues as well.

Some rules may include:

  • Uniformity of jersey, pant and undershirts across all players.
  • Player’s numbers should only be on the back of the jersey.
  • Any attachment on the uniform must resemble the base color.

Baseball is a well-rounded game, where the fans at times go crazy picking their outfits to represent their favorite teams. The colors and the jersey design also ascends into marketing tactics, where they at times trademarked.

This tactic ensures uniformity amongst all fans and players, to make sure the representation of a team is adequate. Therefore picking the perfect uniform is essential.

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