Bodycon style pieces are super high! The name may seem strange, but surely you know this style and have seen someone using this model that emphasizes the curves and makes them look super sexy.

Bodycon dresses are those that appear to have been “vacuum-packed” and that fully outline the body. The fabrics of clothes in this style usually have an elasticity that makes the body stand out.

This trend is perfect for success in the post-pandemic world, where sexy style is everything!

Find out what bodycon is and how this trend came about that we saw during the fashion shows and became a fever on the catwalks. Dresses are always welcome at any time of the year, whether in summer when we take the opportunity to make super stylish combinations with papers or sneakers. And while we’re talking about knitting, what could be more comfortable and stylish than a bodycon dress?

And the good part is that this sexy trend that dominated the catwalks in recent fashion weeks can also be enjoyed on colder days, just change the bolder cuts for a slightly tighter fit and with a warmer fabric.

There are many elements that are simply the face of summer, and one of them is the turtleneck. Elegant and functional, having a knitted dress with this collar will save you on the coldest days, in addition to being versatile and working both in work looks and in more sophisticated events.

However, if you are on a team that is uncomfortable with high collars, no problem, the bodycon dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline is also an option and in addition to being super sensual, when combined with tractor shoes, it gains a more modern and casual look.

For those who love slots, how about opting for a model that has buttons on the front? That way you control their size and you can go bolder according to your mood.

If the mini length isn’t your style and the long one doesn’t appeal to you, then midi might be the solution you’ve been looking for. To bring more personality to the look, bet on high boots and a hat.

Who said the bodycon dress can’t be part of a mom-to-be’s closet? Not to mention the comfort and practicality that this piece can bring, to improve, choose a flat with fur and enjoy the home office.

To take the bodycon dress from the home office to the face, just add an oversized blazer in the production, a stylish bag and boots, so you stay warm and guarantee a lot of fashionism in the office.

Finally, the colorful models are super fun and when combined with platform shoes, they can give you a very stylish look at a dinner with friends.

How the bodycon trend came about

The name bodycon comes from “body conscious”. If a few years ago the trend was only used in dresses and by celebrities of dubious taste, now the trend comes with a cool outfit.

If in the past, Kim Kardashian was the queen of this style, who rocks the bodycon today is the British singer Dua Lipa, who is a fan of the combination between super sexy pieces and more structured and refined items, such as blazers.

Bodycon and cutouts

If you follow the catwalks and networks of celebrities, you have certainly come across bodycon dresses with cut outs, or cuts. This modeling is very successful and is the face of 2022, as well as perfect for the hottest seasons of the year.

As it is a very revealing style, it is nice to look for longer pieces and combine them with accessories in a romantic or more casual style.

It is important to point out that, previously, the bodycon trend was reserved only for skinny and fit women. But today everyone can wear the look, you just need to have the confidence to bet on this super sexy and revealing style!

How to wear the bodycon trend

Even if you are not a celebrity, you can also bet on this trend!

A midi-length bodycon dress combined with high heels can be a great choice for a night out or a more refined event.

A pencil-style bodycon skirt can very well be worn at work. Just be careful with the combination of accessories and how tight the piece is.

For a more professional look, add a third element to the look, such as a blazer.

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