The brows is an important facial feature and need to be taken care of as much as general grooming of the face. As you get your creams and tweeze your facial hairs it is vital to pay attention to your brows as well. You can look totally different depending on how your brows look. For those with bushy or scanty brows, more tending is required depending on your desired look. There are people who have relatively gorgeous brows, but making sure they are taken care of maintains them adequately.

Products needed for grooming your brows

There are certain products that are a must-have for brow care. They are as follows;

  1. Brow brush

You need these to skim through your brows either just to get to look laid or to trim them down to your desired density. This makes it a lot easier to manage your brows as you groom them. You can use a brow pomade to lay them down either before your makeup or just to rock your naturally beautiful face.

  1. Brow wax

This is a quick, convenient and gentle way to remove your eyebrow hairs. Apply your brow powder or any cosmetic powder to get rid of moisture or oil for a more effective use.

  1. Tweezers

A tweezer is an essential facial care instrument. Ensure that they are not blunt to enable pulling out the strands of hair effortlessly. This will reduce the pain felt when shaping your brows. Brush through as you do these with your brow brush for the required shape.

  1. Brow scissors

This is the perfect tool for trimming your brows. This is less painful but not as easy to manage as the tweezers and most people use this for the top of their brows. Most persons with bushy brows use this as it saves time. Not everyone has the patience to tweeze their brows while enduring the pain.

  • Mirror

Using a portable mirror just helps you monitor the process since you would be doing this by yourself. This also helps if you want to quickly remove a few strands when you’re outside your home where you don’t have access to a standing mirror/dressing mirror.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights | Makeup Hollywood Mirror
  • Brow powder

There are different colors of brow powder. The white can be used before bow waxing while there are other colors such as brown and black that can be applied after grooming for fuller looking brows for those with scanty eye brow hairs.

  • Castor oil

Castor oil is great for hair growth and is marvelous for growing hair on the eye brow area for persons who desire more density or who cut their brows and want to regrow them. You can apply with q-tips or use a clean index finger after a shower/cleansing the face. In no time you should have fuller brows.

This article should provide you the information you need to groom your brows to look as lovely as you want them to be.

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