Past days – 50 years and 100 years ago

50 years ago
The following items are from October 28, 1967 to November 3 examiners.
• Harry Wood, vice president of sales at Woodco, announced that his company had bought Dunham, Carrigan, Hayden Co. Inc., a wholesale distributor in San Francisco for $ 2 million. Woodco officials will head to San Francisco to take over the company’s operations.
• In the end, many residents think they have been surprised by the fact that they will never live in the summer months of the past six months. At 2 am on Sunday, all the clocks will be back. Daylight saving time is the national focus of this year and the first time in the country that you are doing what you are doing on the same schedule.
• Acting City Manager Keith Wilson advises officials at the Salt Lake LDS Church to talk about the acquisition of a city park and entertainment district at Walnut and River, bearing in mind that independent boards are involved in this area Education. The board wants to build a high school there.
• The story of Bone Hill in East Jackson County is that on a October-October night every seven years from 1862, a bright flame is released from the walls to show where the gold that the fleeing inhabitants have is buried. Edwin Borgman, 80, retired as a Levasy banker and owned the land, but said he had never seen the light.
100 years ago
The following is the examiner from October 28, 1917 to November 3.
The best referee at Jersey County High School in Jackson County is Miss Ethel White, a girl from Leidon High School. In R.A. Longview Farm’s annual stock review, Miss White has long earned her highest individual grade and became a member of the High School squad that won the trophy for the following year.
• A new flag was raised on the lawn of the court, almost completely broken by the wind. This time without a ceremony, the janitor simply hung it on the rope and hoisted it. The first, one afternoon last summer, rose with the advent of thundering canons, martial arts and patriotic speech. When the remains of the first flag were removed by the ropes and released, it was cut into souvenirs by the court’s special patriotic custom.
• The new William Creesman High School will not be considered for use until one year in the future. Due to the importance of the work, and the fact that the winter weather may now form almost at any time now, it may be even later. Concrete and plastering in large buildings can do more than just visiting without private visits. In this part of the work, a handful of people are busy working, and the buildings are rapidly showing a beautiful appearance.
• Ostertag-Schuler Millinery Co. has just added a complete line of cheap wholesale corsets and accessories in their detailed inventory. A cozy little fitting room has been arranged, with a full Corsetiere in charge, to choose and suit your corset according to your individual needs. Special attention to surgical cases. Corsets are the foundation of your appearance and can create beautiful or ugly lines in your figure.

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