It’s not Halloween if you can not see sexy schoolgirls or hot nurse costumes in almost every party and bar.

This holiday season is just something that inspires some women to slip into tight leotards, garter belts, or low cut vinyl dresses. As Lindsay Lohan’s character in “Cheap Girls” puts it: “Halloween is a night of the year, you can dress like a slut, and no other girl can say anything about it.

Why so many women choose carnival and exposed costumes on Halloween.

While some may dress all year, many may not wear it. So what caused some women hate Halloween hate it? And can it be real body positive?

“Many, but not all, women think Halloween is a safe place to walk out of their daily lives and enjoy trying on clothing, wholesale sexy corsets and sexy.” Barbara Greenberg, a teenager, teenager, child and family psychologist, told Yahoo! Life the way.

Greenberg said that for those women who may feel self-conscious at any time of the year or even ashamed to put on exposed clothing, the “rules” about what is appropriate will be suspended on October 31. “Halloween has evolved into a day and night She said both men and women have a” free laissez-faire “test of” clothing, “neither literally nor metaphorically, that they wear.

However, some people think that wearing sexy clothing makes women objectified. Pat Gill, an honorary professor of gender and women’s studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Champaign, told Yahoo Lifestyle: “If you objectify yourself, how would you do it for others When angry? “Most women I know think they feel sometimes they do not feel scared of everyone, and they look good, they wear nice clothes, arouse people’s interest and / or enjoy – Wholesale is involved in the objectification. However, it is the case. I speak as a full participant, in good health, in flamed clothes and like to be noticed. ”

April’s Masini, a relationship and ceremonial expert who runs the Ask April Relationship Advisory Forum, told Yahoo’s life that it really depends on the wearer’s attitude. “If a woman feels she has to wear sexy clothes to be accepted, then, yes, it can create an underrated feeling.” But if she wants to wear a sexy dress because it It’s fun and makes her happy, so it will be a positive experience. ”

She continued: “Everything that each of us brings to Halloween is related to how we feel about what we wear and how we wear them. In addition, our choice of costume evokes feelings of others and we respond to these reactions , Creating an evolving experience for us.Therefore, it’s not just what you choose to wear or why – it’s about the type of reactions that our clothing choices create and how we react to them.

Others may find that wearing sexy clothing can actually empower them to push their tailor constraints and into their more emotional side, something that is not necessarily open for the rest of the year. Greenberg said: “For some, but not all women, trying something they usually do not wear and feel good may increase their confidence and enthusiasm for their bodies.

Just as wearing a mask, wearing exposed clothing also means trying and exploring different characters. Jill said: “I think it’s ok to wear clothes.” You can play someone else’s role and maybe find the personality you hide or do not know. The garment is not necessarily sexy, and the findings are not sexy or sensual, although they certainly do. “

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