Khloe Kardashian made her baby bumpy disappear in a stunning photo

Khloe Kardashian is clearly a magician because in her latest photo she manages to make her baby bumpy.

Tristan Thompson’s baby mum attended Kim Kardashian’s baby bath on weekends and wore a beautiful bare-shouldered lavender mini dress.

Mother and fashion designer with snakeskin heels to complete the appearance.

In several photos, Khloe stands between the breathtaking flowering trees Kim used to decorate wholesale corsets .

Khloe wrote us a photo: “cherry and tea three babies”.

Fans wonder why Khloe’s belly was not wearing a skirt.

One source claimed that Khloe loves her pregnancy and that she is spoiling Tristan with sexy underwear.

The man explained: “Khloe is now feeling very sexy, she has never had such a big man in her own life, and she is enjoying a lot of fun. She is reaching a complete Cup C and growing up; she Far pregnant with her pregnant body she is still exercise, healthy diet, so her confidence is very high, and Tristan’s sex life did not slow down, she was going to maintain that status.She just crazy Dressed in lingerie, spent more than 10,000 US dollars on the bedroom and around the house during pregnancy.
The source said that basketball players are enjoying the show and added: “Most of what she got was not maternity wear, she got a lot of looking robe and even some corset that could expand with her bulge.” She Make the bedroom stuff hot and they have fun. ”

During pregnancy, athletes are showering reality shows in a compliment way.

“Added the questioner,” Kohler is a natural mother, who practices her children even without her own children – she has so much love and if she needs help she is always the first friend who wants to make a phone call Person, suggestion or reality check. After all the stress and heartbreak with Khloe and Lamar (Odom), Khloe sometimes wondered if he would really be happy again. She thanked God for all her best wishes every day, and she had never been more passionate and excited about the future, and her baby had not arrived yet!


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