The life of a working woman is usually very busy, even more so if she is a mother and has other tasks besides work. With that, unfortunately, many end up forgetting to take care of their skin, and suffering the consequences later, since poorly cared for skin can result in a lot of damage, such as premature aging, dry skin, flaking, or even the appearance of acne for example.

I always tell my friends that the basics of skin care are washing, toning and moisturizing every day, morning and night, but I have separated some valuable beauty secrets that are very simple and perfect for working women who have little time to take care of beauty.

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Use sunscreen every day

As I said, the basics are washing, toning and moisturizing your face, the next step will be to apply sunscreen. It should be applied every day in the morning before going to work, then you can apply makeup over it, and if you can, during the day reapply. And many don’t know, but even on cloudy days, it should be applied because even if we can’t see the sun because of the clouds, it’s still there with its solar rays.

The lack of use of sunscreen can cause premature aging, skin spots, burns, or even worse, such as skin cancer. Therefore, the use of sunscreen is indispensable, even more so if you live in places where it is very hot.

use green tea

Did you know that in addition to being able to drink green tea, it can also be used in your skincare? As we know, green tea has the power to detoxify, in addition to tightening the skin and reducing swelling. He’s great for reducing possible inflammations that can lead to the appearance of cellulite and still softening redness.

The tip is to put an iced bag of green tea on each eye, with this it will improve the appearance of dark circles, remove the bags under the eyes, and even make your skin much more beautiful and radiant.

Wash your face twice a day

That’s the ideal amount of times a day you should wash your face! Wash in the morning, starting your skincare, and wash again at night before bed, finishing your skincare. This is very important so that your face is always clean and away from possible bacteria that can cause acne.

Hydrate your skin

Hydration can’t be missed! When shopping for a facial moisturizer, make sure it’s for your skin type. Many women who have oily skin make the mistake of thinking that applying moisturizer will make their face more oily, but this is a myth! In fact, if you don’t moisturize your skin, it will probably become more oily. The tip for those with this type of skin is to use a gel moisturizer, as it is drier on the skin, and you will feel more comfortable!

A hydrated skin has an air of health, with that, it is more radiant, and everyone around you will notice. A working woman tends to look a little more tired at times, so she never forgets to moisturize her skin.

Exfoliate your skin

On their way to work, women end up being exposed to pollution from cities, particles of dirt that end up getting on their faces, and this ends up clogging their pores and generating pimples and blackheads, which is why exfoliation is essential.

Exfoliation will do a deep cleaning of the skin and eliminate dead cells, and the ideal is to do it 1 to 2 times a week. If your skin is sensitive, do it only once a week, and if it’s not sensitive, you can exfoliate twice a week. It is important to have this interval because the exfoliation is something a little more severe, which, done many times, can end up harming the skin a lot, and causing a rebound effect, giving the skin more oiliness.

Use night cream

This product is great for enhancing your skin care while you are sleeping. Use the night cream for beautiful, radiant skin in the morning.

Matte lipstick

A working lady doesn’t have a lot of time to touch up her makeup, so a matte lipstick is a great idea as they usually last a lot longer on the lips. Some brands have lipsticks that last for 16 hours, or even 24 hours, and you can eat without worrying about it coming off.

Vaseline on the eyebrows

Having neat eyebrows is something that makes all the difference in your look, and a beauty tip that works really well is to apply Vaseline to your eyebrows and comb them with a brush. They will stay in place much longer.

These 8 tips will make your life a lot easier, even more so if you work outside the home. They are very simple beauty tricks that any woman can do and feel more beautiful in her work environment.

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