Walking in fashion and knowing the tones that are part of it, is the desire of most people. Every year in all seasons, people tend to pay attention to fashion shows, social networks and influencers to find out what the next trends are for all the seasons to come. The peacock blue to be quite popular on the catwalks and are very popular with the public, especially the female audience.

Peacock or cerulean blue is a blue with a slight hint of green and shades of gray. It is very cold and suits people with cold skin, but if you have hot skin and want to use it, just keep it away from your face. Wear on shoes or pants, for example.

This color usually gives a totally stylish and unique look to the look and therefore has gained more space in the fashion area.

Far beyond knowing about the peacock blue that are in fashion, it is extremely important to know how to combine the pieces and colors with each other, in order to create a more harmonious and visually beautiful look.

Monochromatic combination: In this combination, the look is assembled with pieces of only one color.

People who are prejudiced against matching looks are often wrong about this! Exactly because it has only one color, this type of combination works like a blank canvas. This clean air is the perfect opportunity to bet on bold accessories, such as a maxi necklace or bold design earrings.

Another way to make the look more interesting is to bet on pieces of different textures and fabrics.

This combination is also great for those who want to lengthen their silhouette. As it is composed of a single tone, it gives the impression of “one thing only” and makes the silhouette more elongated. If that’s your goal, bet on this harmony, especially in darker colors.Also, she is a super stylish color combination!

Analogous colors: The analogous combination is made with tones that are side by side in the chromatic circle. Like red and pink and blue and green.

Although they already make the look more daring, these colors are harmonic and easy to combine with each other. This is because they are side by side on the color wheel. As it involves bright colors and often of different tones, it is usually a more cheerful and dynamic combination than the monochrome combination.

Complementary colors: Complementary color matching happens when two colors that are on completely opposite sides of the color wheel are joined together.

Because they are completely opposite colors, they give an instant energy and boldness to the look. Also because they are so far from each other, they always have different temperatures, one being hot and the other cold, like purple and yellow or pink and green.

This kind of color combination is great for taller women. When mixed in blocks of color at the top and bottom of the look, the contrast between them divides the silhouette. And, thus, this harmony makes the user appear to have a few centimeters less.

Peacock blue is a beautiful and modern color and will certainly appear more and more on the catwalks, magazines and looks of celebrities.

Because it is a visually beautiful tone and easy to match, it ends up being easily chosen in stores by consumers.

A very versatile color that allows you to create monochromatic, colorful or more casual looks, and can easily adapt to different periods of the day and occasions.

Thus becoming a color that will allow you to play with creativity when creating looks.

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