According to 14 men, women can wear the hottest things in the bedroom

If, like me, the only thing you see at home is a bean tr track track, and your mom’s old hand-knit cardi, then the idea of ​​”sexy” bedroom clothing may not be there for you at all. Fortunately, here are some random anonymous men who “inspired” us on the Internet about what to wear in bed, “hot”

1. “For me, a soft, thin-knit T-shirt and cotton underwear will always be hotter than any underwear, especially if your nipple is clearly stamped behind the T-shirt I’ve seen one of them The girl recently welcomed me at the door, so I’ll be right off to the bedroom. [Pass]

2. “Knee socks, no other way” [Adopted]

3. “If in her own way, she wore a red wholesale corsets, black thighs, dark heels and make-up, that is to say, whatever sex she feels is good for me , But the thighs are high color but nude …. drool …. “[by]

4. “For me, garters, stockings and nothing else are great, but I have no choice but to have perfumes, and I still like the unpleasantness of the dress: on reaching all the interesting places.” [by]

5. From the “Concise English-Chinese Dictionary” nothing! Clothes just floor decoration [through]

6. “I do not understand why, but the ubiquitous Calvin Klein mix sports bra and panties.” [By]

7. “Blurry pajama pants, fuzzy socks or slippers, especially if the t-shirt is poked out by her nipple. [Pass]

8. “The older I know, the more attractive part of what I’ve been to is that when I was out with her she was wearing an old T-shirt, some fitness shorts and my hair was pulled back.” [ by]

9. “One of my oversized T-shirts” [pass]

10. “Bacon underwear” [Adopted]

11. “I think it is varied, there are many sexy things, change it will make things interesting, but my favorite may be a skirt, no underwear.” [By]

12. “There is nothing else except vests and ankles. [Passed]

13. “I prefer to wear a full dress so I can enjoy the fun of eliminating everything.” [Adopted]

14. “The harness, or anything that highlights the leg and ass will always let me go.” [Pass]

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