The Mulled Wine of the 90s is back in color, and now we really want to dye our hair dark cherry red

All beauty trends are cyclical, so we can rest assured that we will be back when we find ourselves missing out of the window because we missed a hairstyle or style of dress. Proven in this regard, the popular 90’s sweet wine color has returned and we are finally able to open our bottle of burgundy dye to celebrate!

Once again, we can review brown lipstick, spaghetti strips (remember the trend of cami-as-shirt?) And fuchsia hair without being trapped in the past days. If you’ve never risked before, the changing trend of sweet wine hairstyles gives you an ideal opportunity to experiment with the shadow of dreams of the 1990s.

Replacing the shadow “sweet wine” is also a sensible PR move by the hair stylist because it makes the shadows feel more like a permanent and sexy hairstyle than the DIY junk show we wear in the basement. While many celebrities are echoing at this heyday, to be honest, many of us are doing well, with very few Black Cherry of the 90s and Neve Campbell of The Craft.

Her entire dress and hair really caught the tide of this trend.

The best part is her corsets wholesale, her hair matching her hair.

Some salons call this trend red velvet, an equally delicious name.

See this 90’s hairstyle very 2017 colors give it a whole new life.

We really want to dye our hair now.

Are you ready to immerse your toe in the 90s maroon hair? Because if you are, it is already by your side.

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