Adriana Lima may leave Victoria’s secret because of physical stress

She is everything about your -5’8 “perfect brand in Brazil.

Sexy Lingerie

But you probably do not see her wearing thigh boots, corsets and wings more.

Because she had just announced that she would not take off her clothes again.

She wrote on Instagram and she said that recently someone wanted to film a “sexy video” that was shared on social media, a request that prompted some real soul search.

She said: “Although I have done many such things, but things have changed.

“It reminds me when a friend approaches me and shares her dissatisfaction with her body … I think about it every day,” What do I think? “My work will be accepted? At that moment, I realized that most women may get up every morning trying to adapt to the social / social media / fashion stereotypes.

She said her work has put her under tremendous pressure, trying her best to get tired of “imposing.”

“We” as women “can not continue to live in such a superficial world of value – it is not fair to us, it is not fair to us, and beyond ourselves, physically and mentally unhealthy, we (the) “Look … I want to change it.

sexy women in lingerie

So, she started changing her way of working.

“I decided to make this change …I will not treat my clothes as an empty business anymore.

You can imagine how many people on the moon will hear the voices of those who are known for their incredible body.

This post has more than 80,000 likes, hundreds of fans are writing support and gratitude news.

One fan wrote: “It’s amazing to hear wholesale sexy corsets those who have been parting ways with the modeling industry for a long time.

“Many fashion companies are beginning to realize that a single body type can not exist in such a diverse world VS has so much influence on the lives of countless adolescent girls and women of all ages.

However, her decision has also been hypocritically accused.

Many people wrote something and complained that it was a very good decision after she had made a fortune from styling … while models like her were the reason for the low body image that many women now have.

“Why this is a” reason for emptiness “Adrianna girl, you have not worked hard for years and you belittle it. You have an amazing career, you are an idol. You should be proud,” one wrote. .

Another said: “How easy it is now to say that you are old and have been working for more than two decades and taking a lot of money out of your clothes.” Hypocrisy is a profitable way to get a bunch of freebies from expensive brands Of things, traveled all over the world and marry the rich only because of their beauty, saying they opposed the pressure exerted by society. LOL After attracting the “opportunity”

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