The modern masters at Joffrey can – and should – do better

Modern dance is led by women who create new things in their current form: Isadora Duncan By discarding wholesale sexy corsets and shoes, Ruth St. Denis mainstreams Western culture by introducing the elements of eastern dance, Martha Graham emphasizes the piercing Pronunciation Each of them consciously countered the shackles of ballet, a dance developed by European aristocrats that formally mimicked the hierarchy of Louis XIV courts.

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In this sense, describing ballet or classical dance as “modern” is a paradoxical phenomenon, and more often it is about creating a choreography (whites) program, though this seems to be the basis for Qiao Fo 2017-2018 Principle Ashley Anniversary celebrates Ashley Witt’s ten-year artistic director.

Modern masters include George Balanchine’s early works The Four Temperaments (1946) and Jerome Robbins’s late ballet Glass Pieces (1983), both newly acquired by Joffrey and composed of two recent works by Myles Thatcher and Nicolas Blanc . Just as the opening night of the dance, almost everyone in the Siqi performed in a pretentious gesture, as if the pelvic thrust was a codified position, rather than the body tilting vertically from its axis, as if without a story In the tension of the action itself, there will be no dramatic decline, threading, promotion, spiraling.

Arai Yoshihisa has long been dancing, rolling in wholesale sexy corsets the attic dancing, was invisible shocked, but the entire business seems to be misunderstood, seems to be recreated from the stills, there is no desire, interest, motivation and Jump into the mirror. The Chicago Philharmonic conducted some interesting deductions for Paul Hindemith’s score.

Thatcher’s “body of dreams” and “the seaside of Blanket” all reflect yet another different aspect of the contemporary ballet: the tendency to promote technology, increase spectacle, and neglect the abilities and emotions of humankind rather than exercise And still. A vibrant cardio workout, “Body of Your Dreams” lets dancers bend and distort the slogans “fat” and “slack” and “incredible” loops: ballet Commitment to youth and beauty is self-conscious, which is the vacant eye candy, although the dancers lack energy with the energy of Baranchin.

In just six moves, with enough apparel changes to wholesale sexy corsets eliminate the wardrobe budget for the entire season, the “Beyond the Coast” screensaver drew the attention of all – a beautiful shape that filled and killed space and time – except for ” Gemini in the Wind of the Wind “Gem-quality Victoria Jaiani is considered to be a satellite in the distance to explore the universe and is firmly anchored to her orbit by Fabrice Calmels .

Glass fragments show a long show with legionnaire dancers walking, bobbing, rocking over time, and smooth headmaster appears on it. Oh, America!

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