5 ways to design a better plus size sports bra

Restoring the figure is difficult, especially for women, because we fight the mirror like a mirror. We need the moral support of sportswear to hide the “evil” as we sweat our backs, refreshing our nerves by hiding fat so we can feel as though we are not as much as we think. Into the sports bra + oversized vest combination. This is a “go” for every woman’s workout as it is super comfortable and two, which makes you look good no matter where you are on your fitness journey. I joined Pilates this summer and found two cheap sexy corsets at TJ Maxx, but when I raised my workouts to five days a week, it was clear that I needed to be in my “sports closet.” And I’ve been I was getting thinner and always wearing those full-length Nike sports blouses where the sporty color position made me feel tough and sporty even before I hit the weight or stair climber as a size 6 they were Made as a size 10, all Lycra nothing at all, but shows have already invoked themselves to my waist in inches. They are now packaged and waiting for me to lose weight … plus my skinny jeans. This is the time in bras and vests.I do not know what is the bra shopping, now is a bent woman.

I first went to REI because I think they have several brands because this is my personal Mecca. I was excited there because I was a art shop. I do not even know what they are doing or doing, but I want them. It feels like having these cool things, even if I never use them, will make me an outdoor genius. I am very excited, because I decided to treat my own brand, this more details than the Japanese armor, spent a lot of money, but make you look like one of Pilates class cool girl. No, we do not always admire the length of your time or how many delegates you can make. We are often involved in “leggings” envy. It keeps our minds from suffering.

After 2 hours, I sweat, depressed, breathless. Previously, I used to think that the thing I did not like was regular bras, bathing suits and jeans, but now I know I can add sports bras to this list. Trying to use a sports bra as the No. 10 C-Cup is like Houdini taking off a tights or wrestling pythons or trying to pull my own tires. If I was not trapped in this stuff, I was breathing because Leica cut off my air supply, squashing my bust like the 1920 baffle looked like a boy. I feel exhausted, let me wonder whether the sportswear company designed these things, give us a pre-workout, exercise. Want to burn 500 calories? Try our sports bra.

I also suffer from depression and humiliation. I have accepted my current size of 10, so I sighed, just to make them laugh at me. When I finally put in and tried XXL, and still tight, I’m going to call each sports company and drive them out. My meaning is serious, because when is a size 10 and XXL? I went to REI, Athleta, and Lulu Lemon, all having the same problem. Is not all the women’s sports are beyond the Cup B, and in the sports world on the 10th, the same size as women and women’s body? Today all the attention plus size, you will think they will go to a more realistic size. If I am such a medium-sized women can not find a large enough sports bra, so other women over the age of 12? I can not even think about it. Sports companies need to be real (or as the case may be) and size us like sportswear companies. Banana Republic likes to tell me that I am a size 4. I know they are lying, but it makes me feel good anyway.

This experience made me realize that most sports bras in the market have some serious problems, such as bending over the B-level bust of women, may be able to use the feedback. So listen to the sports brand. Here are 5 ways to design a better sports bra:

First, do not try to be so fantastic. Saving fancy things like cute vests and leggings. Give me a little less sports bra, I will buy a pair of extra leggings, go away happy.

Second, what are these shoulder straps? This is the top of a workout, not a lingerie or cabaret. Of course, it looks pretty, goddess yoga wanderer, but if I want to kill myself with useless rope, I will buy a bra. Keep a strong simple strap that makes it easy to find out which open neck, arms or chest I will love you forever.

Third, stop to put the space X rockets together flexibility. If I want to know how much back fat I have, I’ll stay in front of the mirror. I do not need to see it when I’m exercising because it’s not cool to wear cosmetics during workouts and it’s already looking sore and sweaty and the instructor burns our thighs for 20 minutes. Yes, a woman with a larger chest or movement needs more elasticity, but can also be placed in a clip so that we can easily move in and out without dislocating our shoulders.

Fourth, what kinds of things do you stick to each style? What are these weird things? This is padding, making our chest look bigger, right? Thanks, but I’ve covered it. Why is the square? And how does it float? Each of the top I’ve tried has these annoying things, creating ugly bizarre blocks in weird places. Thank you, but I have already done so. If you really think I need it then at least it can be wrapped around and stitched together. what? You can give me $ 55 style details for $ 55, but when it comes to splicing fill there is no time to insert? please. stop.

Fifth, stop with unrealistic size. In an unfair and fair universe, there is a size of 10 and XXL.

Finally, I returned to TJ Maxx. Maybe their sports bras are cheap, less flexible, and will break down from unnamed goods in a few months, but they are simple and comfortable, and they do not make me cry when I look at size labels.

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