Bella Hadid wore another sexy red dress with a crack in the thigh

After leaving Victoria’s secret runway, Bella Hadid did not stop playing. After photographing a show with other models, the 21-year-old man walks in the same sexy outfit.

Hardy wore a daring red long gown dress, a pink carpet, with some seductive features – corsets, corsets and tall thigh seams.

Glowing look of himself, so Bella almost do not need accessories. She tightened her hair to a tight brim, wearing a black, slanting stiletto heel – that’s it.

She did not even wear jewelry and had two rings on her fingers. In addition, earrings and necklaces are nowhere to be seen.

Bella’s fans may have seen similar models before. Hadid likes the sultry red carpet, especially as they enter the dark red shades. Just look at how she’s dressed up at the Cannes Film Festival for two years in a row.

However, Hadid str with strokes of cool colors on the runway before getting out of the hottest colors of the season. She wore blue feather wings, black lace lingerie, and porcelain-style white gloves and boots in the Porcelain Angels section.

She applied this epic huge number to this “goddess” part. She really lived up to her name in this heavenly body ensemble.

Although Bella nominated her VSFS appearance today, the model missed her sister Gigi just as she did for her debut last year. We believe Gigi is a proud brother and sister, even if she can not attend this year’s show. We will set our countdown in 2018 for their VS reunion (hope).

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