Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville Enjoy a Dating Evening at Charlotte Dawson’s Costume Presentation…A week later, he and BNTM star

Their relationship is one of the strongest romances in Aegean Villa.wholesale sexy corsets

On Sunday evening, Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville spent a night with Fredafunk in Manchester at Charlotte Dawson’s clothing presentation, and one week later he co-starred with British Next Top Model star Victoria Clay.

This gorgeous couple seems to like it very much, because they crowded on the PDA and went hand in hand toward this beautiful event.

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Gabby showed her tone curve in a tight denim coordinated long sleeve blouse and skirt.

Personal trainers used a pair of red sky high-heeled sandals and matching kits to match her appearance, while she also added a neon pink fringe earring.

Gabby gelled her curled golden hair gel into a massive swept-back look, while she added a sleek makeup with smoky eyes, bronze and red matte lipsticks.

At the same time, Marcel looks very capable, because he chose a black shirt studded with silver stars and matching jeans.

Although he added inlaid coaches to his appearance, he also had a silver watch and bracelet.

However, the two are not alone because they joined their former co-star, Tyne-Lexy Clarson.

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When she was wearing a full-blown pink blue suit, the blonde looked stunning, with a white lace bodice and a Gucci belt.

The trio has joined Nadia Essex, Olivia Buckland, Adam and Scott Thomas and various other stars.

The outings of Gabby and Marcel took a one-night night at last Sunday’s Nobu Hotel in London’s Shoreditch, and while working in Japan, she participated in the competition with the exposed top UK model Victoria Clay.

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The 32-year-old former Blazin’Squad rapper had a bright smile while chatting with the flame-haired agents and then put an arm around her because they were in a friendly group with JJ and Coco’s DJs in their Orange Soda Sundays shot together.

Marcel and Victoria separated from their respective groups of friends, and a Marcel representative told MailOnline: “She (Victoria) took a photo with him last night. Gabby and Marcel are still strong and full of love. meaning.”

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