The colors of autumn are truly exceptional and give beautiful vibes and sensations everywhere we go and look around: despite being the season of returning to school or work, we are surrounded by fallen leaves as soon as we leave the house, creating a melancholy but very relaxing atmosphere. What to wear during these days?

As the title suggests, a piece of clothing that is simply perfect for the temperatures of this period and in tune with the colors of autumn is definitely a loose sweater dress. It is super versatile, very comfortable, very easy to combine, and do not forget, super warm!

This is why I will list the colors of the most popular sweater dresses in this period and which will make the rainy days more pleasant!


My favorite combination is definitely the one formed by a classic and minimal white sweater dress and a pair of knee-high boots in suede, in beige or black. This matching certainly gives the body more heat, exposing the leg just enough. If you choose boots in beige / nude color, it will give a longer leg effect! Add a cropped jacket for a more rock look.

white oversized basic loopback sweater dress
white oversized basic loopback sweater dress


Here to take a little off the monotony of grey, you might think about adding some color with a pair of sheer colored tights and a pair of pumps in the same color as the tights. This is definitely an outfit that will not go unnotice. Whatever you choose to combine, you will always be warm and chic: this is definitely the coolest feature of a sweater dress!


Green and all its shades are always trendy shades in autumn and for this reason you cannot fail to get a sweater dress in this color. In this case, a very cute outfit could be created by adding a chain belt, another undisputed trend this year, around the waist, which will make the whole silhouette more beautiful. Choose sneakers for a total casual yet impactful look.



The color of the sky and the sea returns in all the fashion shops. I’m talking about blue, a color related to black, but surely brighter, warmer and more enveloping. It goes well with everything and makes any outfit sophisticated, both day and night. It goes well with almost all colors, but especially with burgundy or yellow in its warmer shades, such as curry or ocher. Choose your sweater dress in a vibrant blue and accompany it with bright and colorful accessories: it will make you different one of a kind.

blue oversized minimalist slogan sweater dress
blue oversized minimalist slogan sweater dress


Total red dresses, of any length or width and of any type, are a pleasure to observe: the red mini and maxi dresses are a real temptation. If you are a woman who loves to play and experiment a little with outfits, choose a total red outfit, then include shoes and bags in the same vibrant color as your sweater dress. Alternatively, you can break up the red with black or blue accessories, or even pastel pink shoes.

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