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Due to Hollywood’s most popular stars and some high-profile cooperation, sports and leisure trends may be embarrassing, but if the idea of ​​wearing emerald sportswear and court sneakers outside the gym is not in line with your imagination, then perhaps the label Ernest in Paris Leoty was originally a 19th-century corset designer, and his work is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London – a collection of sportswear that will be styled in a corset style.

“I always like very intricate evening dresses and ballet costumes. These clothes are not necessarily comfortable, so I ask myself, what feminine things will become more comfortable?” said former financial entrepreneur Marion. Rabat had an “Aha Hart” when he found French traditional brands in the archives of the Louvre. “The corset was very strict at the time, but Leoty’s job was to make the corset comfortable. He used a rubber and fastening mechanism to register a large number of patents, providing a space for women to breathe,” she explained. Now, nearly 300 years later, Rabat reintroduced Maison Leoty into the limelight, extending this pioneering concept to the series of underwear-style tights, sports bras and more. “This is casual fashion.”

For example, a variety of tights: Ilona, ​​a full-length V-neck with a combination of eggplant and cranberry, is a popular easing for anyone who has been delayed by a lot of neon lights on the market; and Shortie is equipped with Mesh details and stitching, reminiscent of the deboning of the bodice. “It creates lines of architecture and loses weight to the right place,” says Rabat, who fits well with a French factory that specializes in traditional tights. In other words, the structure itself is sufficient to support the rotating planks, planks and plows, but it also has a very high sensitivity.
“This is a question of how [clothing] is practical enough to do sports, but still make you dream and be captivated,” she said. So while Ernest Leoty’s Italian luxury factory’s sweat-absorbing and sweat-wicking fabrics are suitable for marathons, Rabate (Rituel Paris Studios and Dynamo Bike Club regulars) prefer a less competitive and easier way to achieve. “This is really looking for balance,” she explained. “This is the way the French do: don’t overuse it, but do everything in moderation.” Mais oui.

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