KHLOE KARDASHIAN photographed a painter in a bun: SPICY PHOTOS 24 CHANNEL

The reality show star “Family Kardashian” Kohler published a photo of a sexy corset on his blog. The famous Americans look very attractive.

Now, Khloe Kardashian lives with their star family in Los Angeles. There, she held a grand feast for his 6-month-old daughter, TRU. However, the actress decided not to forget his beloved basketball player Tristan Thompson.
For men, she posted an enticing photo taken for a camera in a spicy white corset with a low neckline. Sexy image, she added a satin jacket and collected hair.

“Body – retribution,” Dick wrote.

The star’s fans immediately began to think that these words have an appeal to Tristan Thompson. Apparently, Chloe now decides whether to compete for a relationship with a husband who deceives her. Netizens added that this is why there have been tempting photos on her website recently. So, just like she avenged her lover in Cleveland.

Recall that on April 12th, Khloe Kardashian became her mother for the first time. It is still too early to be born. The reason for this may be the presence of her beloved Tristan Thompson Hlocation and the strip club staff. In a video posted online, basketball players are showing that they are gathering with strangers and kissing them enthusiastically. At the time of infidelity, Khloe Kardashian was pregnant for 3 months.

The famous relative of the actress did not first comment on the resonance of the scandal. However, Kim Kardashian then told her sister Khloe to cry all night after the news about her husband’s extramarital affairs. At the same time, the first relatives who met with Tristan Thompson opposed their relationship and would never forgive the player’s betrayal. Insiders told us.

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