Paris • Forget lapel pins, white roses or black.

At the Paris Fashion Week on Sunday night, American designer Thom Browne made a totally convincing account of the power and sexual orientation of women.

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It started with a large ballroom in the City Hall Hotel in Paris, covered with canvas on canvas on an easel on the central island.

Came out as an idol in the imagination of a group of painter Elizabeth Louise Wig Lebrun, Mary Antoinette’s favorite portrait painter and a woman wearing a beige jacket and gray shorts and legs The ministry was oversized to a hoop size, with their hair protruding behind the towering cone.

As they began to paint, their vision emerged: women were portrayed in a variety of gray colors and with incredible detail; women whose bodies were both arts and handicrafts, winking and smiling, carving rough Tweed and Astrakhan stripes, the lines outline the following shape.

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Their cheap sexy corsets are visible on a transparent, chiffon fabric, inlaid with velvet jackets and marbled sequins to shape the body.

American designer Thom Browne’s Paris Fashion Week showcases stunning gray outfits based on the painter’s team.

Finally, each model was placed in a neon sign and in the Baha Men’s Let Dogs Out, where four men appeared in a dog mask, gray flannel suits and high heels, with one character leading the long gray Rose shawl robe.

After hovering the room, they reached a throne, the waiter removed the robe, revealing South Sudan model Grace Bol on her own gray flannel pants.

Upon her arrival, the music turned into Carly Simon’s “Run the River,” ending the 1988 film “Working Girl.”

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