Banger Alert: Janet Jackson is hit hard in her hands by “making it right away”

It is here! For Janet Jackson’s “Made in Manufacturing”, expectations are always high. The rumor about the 52-year-old new single is on the line because she was discovered by her father Yanji last month. Earlier this week, she confirmed her collaboration with the “Despacito” powerhouse with social media and shared the release date. Today (August 17th), the track arrived, this is a serious anti-FOMO national anthem. Through summer production, the living legend encourages listeners to fully participate in everything they do.

“If you live now, don’t stop. And celebrate this feeling. Go up,” she muttered. “If you live now, don’t stop. Because I broke these ceilings. Go up.” She reiterated her position on the chorus. “We are doing it right now. Not tomorrow. Now it is made.”

If you are lucky, “Made For Now” will be the highlight of the superstar. After being very retro on Unbreakable in 2015, I was very happy to hear some of her updates. It’s perfect on the radio at home, it should be as comfortable on a streaming platform. The official video is also a vibrant event that is easy to spread. The release of Dave Meyers highlights the global style of the track.

The location was in Brooklyn, New York, with dancers from Ghana, Nigeria, Grenada, Trinidad and the United States. It also has some very chic looks. In one scene, Janet puts the entire skirt with a fitted bodice, T-shirt, denim jacket and top hat. On the other hand, she put on a harem pants and a patterned blazer to perform her own complex choreography. The end result is a well-featured event that highlights the unity of dance and music.

In 2018, it is becoming an exciting year for the “All Nite (Do not Stop)” siren. After winning the icon award and surprise the audience at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards ceremony, she continued to get positive headlines.

The icon expands her “World Tour” and opens up a way to record new music in an interview with Billboard. With such an interesting track, it’s easy to imagine her riding a wave on the chart. Listen to “Made For Now” and watch the official video below.

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