Bizet’s Carmen tempted Kelowna to spend a weekend of opera

The Kelowna Opera House reimagined the opera classics of summer performances

One of the most famous operas attracted Kelowna with its fiery love story.

Carmen of Georges Bizet of the Kelowna Community Theatre was deprived because women wore trousers and corsets and used deadly power to eject their hips.
The audience will appreciate the famous song Habanera, because “Carmencita” introduces himself in the stage and Toreador songs. When they experience Spanish opera and perform in French, they tell the love story between Carmen, Gypsies, Jose, officers and the bullfighter Escamillo.

The opera Carmen has many people who will recognize and go home to whistle tunes,” said Alexandra Kosacovakova Babel, founding artistic director of the Kelowna Opera. “The opera is all about singing, but this type It is very intuitive and we spent a lot of time and financial energy designing our lighting design and our fashion design with our designs.

Babbel redesigned Carmen, and Bizet staged a modern environment in 1875 instead of the traditional Spanish Seville style, giving her a modern feel, wearing a corset and tattoo.

“Usually she (Carmen) is shaped as a lecherous flirtatious girl, but she is strong. She is a strong character and she is the leader of all these Gypsies and smugglers. She will do everything she can to achieve this goal,” said Barbara King, who shares the role of Carmen. “Her character has experienced a lot in her life, and even in my personal experience, you need to take physical and emotional aspects. Come to a great experience. ”

She played Carmen twice before she had the experience of Calgary and Edmonton’s opera, and she said she was still learning something new about her role.

“This is a great dramatic experience for me, I am looking for something new about her, especially in modern settings, it makes it so different.”

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