Hour: Dahlhaus University Fashion Studies Course

For Jaya Ducharme, getting dressed does not mean wearing the latest fashion in the mall. Instead, students at Dalhousie University wear cheap wholesale corsets, long skirts and early eighteenth-century clothes (of course, she sews her clothes).

Ducharme explains: “cheap wholesale corsets are my main interest, because I’m really rare.” Their construction was the most complex of the nineteenth century when they did find the drafting of the patterns and how they were shaped to be physically created A beautiful form.

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Ducharme has been sewing his own clothes since the age of 14. As a student at the Dalhousie Clothing Research Program, she is able to combine her passion for sewing and tailoring with her desire to learn about the history of the world.

Apparel learning courses recruit about 20 students a year, is a true combination of history and fashion, combining research and academic skills with practical construction techniques. The course includes theater history and basic sewing skills. For four years, students learn how to sew a button onto how to make a custom suit. In their fourth and final year, students took a huge class in historical costume aesthetics. From 1881 to 1886, Ducharme’s class chose a particular time frame and students chose the fashion print of that era. Then, each classmate must completely copy the women’s clothes in the selected image underwear.

“This year we’re doing a corset and the first semester,” Ducharme said. “After Christmas, we’ll be changing clothes, clothes under clothes, and then wearing the clothes.”

This is a year-long career and needs patience.

But this is just one aspect of the clothing research curriculum. The show is also part of the Fountain Performing Arts Academy, which produces four plays and a drama for students every year.

Anneke Henderson, a professor of the project, said the speed at which theaters work is quite different. In these classes, students create costumes for the stage, the cloth can be moved, and elements designed for quick change. As the costumes are worn by classmates in the performing arts shows, costume study students have live models available for use.

Henderson said: “(Students) working hours are very tense.” “It’s exciting. It’s busy, but we do it every five weeks … and we’re starting from scratch.”

Although the history and theater projects are time-consuming and have many discerning details, Henderson said students are proud of the work they have done.

“It’s a hard job and in many cases slow, because you’re working on it and it takes a lot of energy.” But I think the level of satisfaction you’ve created is so great that All this does not matter. ”

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Professor Henderson teaches modern and historical tailoring techniques that are useful no matter what kind of careers a student plans. The professor said graduates, as tailors and restoration workers in the film industry, have even introduced their lessons from the curriculum to their own fashion world.

After she graduated in spring, Ducharme planned a famous tailor apprentice in the UK so she could learn more about making “peculiar things.”

“I like cheap wholesale corsets and pretty dances, so for a long time I thought I wanted to make a drama or movie, but after doing some dramas I found that kind of work also included peasant clothes that I was not interested in “Said Dukum with a smile.

Although complex techniques are required during the project, Ducharme said interested students do not need to have previous experience. All potential applicants need strong professional ethics and an interest in fashion and history. “(Fashion) is the story of people and society,” Dutcham said. “All this is reflected in the clothing.”

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