Forecasters say liquid form shampoos and fear of eating bugs will be outdated in the future

Expert forecaster Jacqui Ma revealed her predictions for the future of daily trends.

Remember the days of VHS tapes, MiniDiscs and fax machines? If you want to show these outdated items to people born after 2000, they may not even know how to deal with them. But how many of the things we use every day seem unrealistic, irrelevant or outright?

Working with BACARDÍRum and working with award-winning non-profit organization Lonely Whale to ensure the promise of bars, restaurants and venues, designed to remove 50 million single-use plastic straw plastics this summer by requiring them to become 100% disposable Without straw, Ma has studied trends over the decades and revealed trends that she believes will no longer exist in the future, such as the use of plastic straws, which developed only in the 1980s.

She highlighted some trends, such as in the early 21st century, the phone actually became smaller and smaller, until the size of the phone is equal to the palm of the hand; now – as the phone has become our portable mini-computer – the size of the phone is normal; only 100 years ago, women stopped wearing corsets. Before that, women will change or shrink their body shape; now, online dating has become completely mainstream, but back in early 2000, no one dared to say “we know online” .

Ma Yun said: “In the 1950s, if you can’t leave the house without wearing a hat, you can use your rehearsal family greetings to pick up your fixed-line receiver at the beginning of the 21st century. Now it has all disappeared. This naturally means In the future, we will review the things that exist today and be amazed at their existence, such as the use of plastic straws. Plastic straws are a trend that began and peaked in the 1990s, and for many years activists, experts and organizations have been working Reversing the damage they have caused to our oceans, which is why BACARDÍ rum and lone whales have promised to eliminate 50 million plastic straws from London this summer. As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, straw will become obsolete.”

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