Tom Ford recalls his career with leather and lace

NEW YORK (AP) – Gigi Hadid made a dramatic spin on the runway, and Cady B stood out in the front seat of Tom Ford with a set The romantic and sharp ready-to-wear collection began in New York Fashion Week. .

Spring and summer look for designers to review his long career, the simplest reason is that he first entered the industry: “I want men and women to feel more beautiful, let them feel confidence,” he said on the show.

“I think fashion has lost a bit to some extent,” Ford explained. “I don’t want to make ironic or clever clothes, but just make beautiful clothes.”

Ford uses flesh-toned, warm white, pink-blue, blush pink and light lavender with lace and chiffon to achieve a soft and sensual part of Wednesday night. He provides the structure of hard leather and the toughness of fake crocodile.

There are plenty of blacks, including his dreamy cloak dress worn by Hadid. Kaia Gerber wears a soft taupe turban, while other models wear silk tassels, a printed crocodile leather bodice, a cut animal print bodice and a sling with a cycling jacket.

For men, the tuxedo jacket is made of metal, which is Ford’s signature. For women, the skirts are below the knees and some are asymmetrical. Some loose dresses include leather bodice details. And their shoes? The beautiful edge of his metal cap on the toes and heels.

Henry Golding plays the clumsy Nick in the summer of “Crazy Rich Asians” wearing a white tuxedo jacket. He and Tom Hanks are next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour, Cardi is near, her hair is down, but after giving birth to Kulture Kiari in July, she showed a close-fitting black dress to the ground. Paris Jackson, Hayley Stanfield and Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson also attended the meeting.

Golding is celebrating the success of his rom-com: “This is the top three weeks. It’s great, so we are very lucky,” he told the Associated Press.

Cardi is very happy to go out, but miss her Kulture.

“It feels good, it feels like, oh, I want to go find my baby now…. I hope I can carry her with me,” she told the Associated Press.

She said ” little by little”, she is returning to music, fashion and life swing, but it is very difficult.

“I am working hard to solve this problem,” she said about the postpartum depression she is experiencing. “I miss her even if I am in another room away from her.”

Her own collection will soon be launched by Fashion Nova, and she says she wants to look outside.

“This will be great,” Kadi promised.

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