Naomi Wu created a corset that glows the breast implant

Naomi Wu–SexyCyborg, Shenzhen, China Science and Technology Center – created a corset with a head turned and brightened her breasts with flashing red light.

In one of her latest YouTube videos, technology and DIY enthusiasts showed how she developed the garment, which uses a special flashlight connected to two fiber-optic cables.
Wu struggled with identity accusations last year and has since advocated women’s participation in STEM, superhumanism and body modification.

She said that an American performer wearing a similar thing motivated her to create a corset.
Mr. Wu initially placed a headlight directly under her breast, but when it became “warm”, it quickly moved away.

“It’s bright enough, but over time it burns me, so I have to think about something else,” she said.

Wu eventually turned her attention to the fiber optic cable, and she had to connect to a larger flashlight.
She managed to 3D print a circular connector and connect the flashlight to the cable bound by the metal clip.
However, Wu’s connectors are custom made of metal and therefore can withstand the heat of the flashlight.
After installing the port on the bodice, Wu’s last problem was to mount the flashlight on her back.
To do this, she used a screw to attach the end of the flashlight to the camera holster.
Paired with killer black boots, wraparound glasses and futuristic wristbands, the stunning overall has quickly won the favor of onlookers.

Undoubtedly, this special bodice provides a great entrance for the nightclub.

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