Try to be so hard to be sexy to make you stupid

The Nairobi diary, contrary to the name may be, is not about the life of the slum youth struggling in the city day after day. If you ask me more about a group of women looking for attention, but I’d rather their concern is respectful because it is as expensive as ever and lasts longer.

I do not think they represent the values ​​of the majority of cheap sexy corsets women in Nairobi or Kenya. For beginners, just as Kenyan women already know that they have lost their heads in knitting and false stretching, the producers of this show may bring fresh air to some very beautiful life, some of the original elements – African beauty I am sure There are some amazing women in this city, they are free. Or are they looking for a particular type of woman who is represented by false eyelashes, pasting nails and other enhanced body parts? Come on, we only have so much, we can believe in a convincing doll look, or leave the model!

Sometimes the whole program is on an absurd boundary. For example, how do you call the nerves, as a self-esteem woman, bring a pair of boxers and boast of their foreign celebrities who belong to you overnight? true? The

There are more lives in the loud noise, sexy and party animals. Some of us are breeding on the third grade corn and fish, walking along the miles to the school and the river, spending the weekend in Sabah, climbing trees, raising cattle, and fighting the boys on the playground. Try to fight with us, you will know how to feel the truck is running!

Of course, not all of us are cut off for lawyers, journalists or doctors. I admit that some like the Nairobi diary, the right to choose to become a celebrity. To my surprise, they are willing to go to the camera to enter the degree of private life. When we ask for equality, how do we treat women seriously, but we can not even respect ourselves. Men do not do that, do you claim that women are marginalized? Oh puh-leeze!

Do not forget that your own way to be treated. So if your chest is always overflowing, you’ll be like a third-rate hip-hop artist cursed on cheap weeds and boast of men you sleep, guess we’ll think of you? In this case, do not try my nonsense even fly, because even in the market, you may be able to buy things according to their packaging. So what do you know about chicks? We have to judge your evil!

Fake foreign accents, designer clothes, expensive jewelery and expensive shoes will not let you grow old or “high end”. An elegant woman is an educated, independent thinking, compliment and future-oriented woman. She is a woman with character, morality and respect for her dignity. As long as she respects herself and her body, whether she is a mother or a cleaner, it does not matter. Now is class.

I was fired before, because they have more money, more attention, more beautiful than me, I hate other women. Yes yes yes! The weak always put the public opinion as bitter. To think about why I would hate those women who could hardly spell their names, more time to open their legs than their minds I only have a woman’s problem, do not know what dignity.

Women will not win the fight against chauvinism as long as they continue to wear obscene. Respect is won, not as it is. Learn to fight for yourself, no matter how many people you can take home. The value of honor more than material wealth, leaving a positive legacy. Look at the mirror, look at you, not around you, because here is the answer.
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