Summer dresses are comfortable loose dresses we wear during summer when the weather is bright and warm. Being plus size should not make you lose your comfort for anything, and you can get comfortable summer dresses. Even with cheap dresses, you can dress comfortably and still not lose your style. All you have to do is know your body type and the kind of dress that would give you a balanced figure. The secret to being plus size and dressing well is all about balance. This should be your yardstick as you look for cheap plus size summer dresses at Lover-Beauty. Let’s look at the various body types and how you can achieve this balance with yours.

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Apple Body Type

If you have a large chest, thin legs, balanced hips and shoulders, and your upper body is more prominent than your lower body, this is your category. To balance your body features, the kind of clothes you should look for are those that accentuate your waistline and lower body. Wear jackets that do not exceed your hips and fuller skirts or pants to match your slender legs with your body. You can also get wrap tops that can hold in your tummy and make your waist visible.

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Pear Body Type

The prominent features of the pear body type are fuller hips, thick thighs, and narrow outline from your shoulders through your bust to your waist which is well defined. If you fall under this body type, the kind of dresses you should be on the lookout for are those that would highlight your upper body. Long dresses or print tops with skinny leg jeans are excellent choices. You can also go for fit and flare dresses.

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Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type is relatively balanced, with a large chest and bust, tapering at the waist and then curvier at the hips with thick thighs. Your curvy chest and hips draw a lot of attention and to balance it, you need to highlight your waist. Body cons are a great fit and you may want to use belts more often as well. Low cut tops and high waist pants can also do the trick. Wearing darker dresses can help flatten your curves as well.

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Rectangle Body Type

This body type has a straight feature, with matching chest and hips, and no defined waistline. If this is where you fall into, what you want to do is to draw out some curves from your straight figure. A belt is definitely perfect to wear. Tulip skirts, ruffle tops, and boot cut wide pants can also add a curvy outline to your body.

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Now that you can identify your body type and know the kinds of dresses that would suit you, you have a clearer picture of what you should look out for in your search. Regardless of whatever body type you fall in, you can dress comfortably, stylishly, and within your means.

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