Now this is an entrance! Woman uses smart hacker to implant her silicone breasts into GLOW at night in the club

A Chinese designer with a style that transcends the world has created a decorative design designed to illuminate her silicone breasts.

A unique bodice – created for an amazing nightclub entrance – uses shimmering red light to enhance her rich cleavage.

In a YouTube clip, technology developer Naomi Wu revealed that she was inspired to see an American star wearing a similar thing.

In explaining her process, Ms. Wu revealed how she first tried to put the flashlight on the brightest part of her chest.

“You can see it through my skin,” she said. “It looks cool.”

However, she quickly cancelled the torch and said ‘it has become a bit warmer’.

“It’s very bright, but it will burn me over time. So I have to think about something else,” she added.

Her clever solution to create a dream bodice involves using a super-powerful flashlight and connecting it to two fiber-optic cables.

Using her technical skills, she was able to 3D print special accessories to connect the cable to a stylish, edgy bodice.

When everything is ready, Ms. Wu put the torch in flash mode and went to a nightclub in Shenzhen, China, to stun the revelers.

Ms. Wu combines this avant-garde outfit with knee-high platform black lace-up boots and a futuristic wristband with a smartphone.

A pair of mirror wrap sunglasses stand out from her one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Once inside the club, she flashed red clothes, perfectly contrasted with neon blue, causing a sensation, and many people lined up to take pictures.

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