Hello loves !!! All right? It is so good to take care of the skin, take time to take care of our body, do a body scrub.

The body scrub is a product that can help you have smoother and smoother skin. Do you know why? The cosmetic eliminates dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface.

Exfoliation benefits

In addition to leaving the skin smoother and softer, body scrub stills its tone, stimulates blood circulation – which improves cellulite – and helps eliminate toxins and impurities.

In general, the application of a scrub to the body should be weekly, but some precautions need to be observed. In the summer, after prolonged sun exposure, the interval between one procedure and another must be longer. The recommendation is every 15 days.

Body scrub removes dead cells, improves skin texture and absorbs cosmetics. The ideal is to perform the process once a week, especially in winter, when the skin tends to dry out more. With exfoliation, you will feel the soft, lush skin.

Cautions and contraindications

Body and facial scrubs are contraindicated when the person has skin lesions and diseases that can be aggravated or hinder the healing of the area. If you have waxed, either with razor, wax or depilatory creams, don’t exfoliate. The skin will be sensitive due to the procedure and exfoliation may hurt it.

Excessive exfoliation, either by using a very aggressive product or by exaggerating the frequency, can even change the skin’s pH, causing pain and sensitivity. Remember: the skin is the largest organ in the body and its function is to protect it from aggressive agents such as sun and pollution.

A good scrub for the body needs to have natural actives in particles and granules larger than for the face, as this can promote the renewal of the epithelium (outer layer of the skin). Another difference is that body cosmetics tend to be easier to spread, as they are used in much larger areas.

How to exfoliate the body

The bath time is the best for applying a body scrub. With the body clean and moist, apply the product, starting at the feet until reaching the arms and torso.

When applying, make circular movements with light pressure. Let the cosmetic act for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. That done, your body is ready to be hydrated.

Check step by step:

1. After bathing, with your body still moist, spread 1 tablespoon of scrub on each arm. “Reinforce the drier areas, such as elbows”.

2. On the legs, divide the procedure into two stages. First, cover the palm of your hand with the product and apply it on your thighs and knees gently, from top to bottom, with circular movements.

3. Then, at the bottom, pass the same amount as in item 2, but from the bottom up. “This sense stimulates blood circulation”.

4. On your feet, prioritize your heels by applying light pressure while rubbing. As the skin in this region is thicker, repeat three times. Finish by rinsing and hydrating your entire body right afterwards.

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