Comments + Photos: The Edwardian Ball at the Regency Ballroom

“Good lady, can I live eternity tonight?”

I turned around and saw a man in a tall hat, gilded in the early twentieth century with a glittering golden spot on his outfit, gleaming in a smile. He was making a very modern camera for a very slight, still heady, Marie Antoinette. Mary giggled and lowered the plastic cup from her ghostly pink face, A little bit of favor, her rose instead of rosy cheeks.

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I am wearing a simple black cocktail dress is outdated, my ribs only by their own physical composition, and not bound by the shackles of the past unspeakable. Over and over again and again the whole night, I made sure that I saw the tightest lace that the corset (or body) could tolerate but that it was wrong to be proved by a more solidly wrapped torso in the next turn. Participants at the Edwardian Ball will not mess up while dressing up.

In fact, participants will not waste any chance of a rally. Outerwear – wholesale corsets, robes and badges are great, but that’s just the beginning. Everyone who crosses the entrance to the Regency Ballroom seems to have internalized the theme of the night. Many of the participants walked away gracefully, breathing the phrases of social elites from past societies, and their members now only occasionally earthworms or gr con into their resting place. My ears have never been used to hearing this conversation all night long. It’s like I’m an extra thing in a drama, I do not know what’s going on.

“Please attend some receptions?”

“My God, I’m glad to see your form tonight.”

When someone said, “Oh, forgive my mistake,” I feel like a Neanderton clumsy answer: “Oh, um, no problem.”

Seriously, did you rehearse to attend, I missed it?

Suppliers also feel the same spirit of change that night. As I approached the kiosk, a couple of running telegraph hurries came in. The woman behind the machine asked me, “Are you familiar with how to send a telegram?” The voice of the sopranos of the upper class last century.

According to the setting, the telegram and the parlance seem to be correct. Regency is an awe-inspiring place on any given day, and the Edwardian activists use play and surprise to stifle every gap in this space. From psychedelic oversized plants, glass eyeballs hang directly from the famous Alice’s Adventures onto the walls, from the scales of canvas and leather to the confusing sculptures that rotate with light and motion but without utilitarian The purpose, the regent four levels weird and happy.

In the roof-top cabin, in a garden full of evergreen vines, the flies on stage were suspended in the moonlight night. The room was full of vibrations from a large pipe organ, ushering in evening entertainment. The mezzanine and main hall are permanently sunset illuminated with an Art Nouveau-inspired backdrop inspired by dimly lit chandeliers and stained glass. Even the basement, wearing beautiful clothes, as well as the warmth of the bustling market. Throughout the regency layers of black and white Edward Goldie, one of Edwards’s two Edwardian spirits,

Every room seems alive. All this is hard, all of this makes me feel a bit dizzy. No wonder people are weak in steam.

Fortunately, Jim Robichaud and Emcee Kingfish (Jim Sweeney) of Hubba Hubba Revue, the two pillars of the performing arts scene in the Gulf, There for the evening host to provide stronger support than the olfactory salt. Robichaud also performed with keyboardist Brendan Getzell in the evenings, and there was always a way to sublime night. Whether we live in brass buttons or plastic buttons, Robichaud’s narratives polish them in the brightest form. She also became one of the most performers of the night, her voice full of expansive ballrooms in the evenings.

MegaFlame Big Band started the party with a stirring music, setting the tone for the main stage. Considering this long period of time, I think this is a bit outdated, but I am grateful that I will not be staring at the barrel at a waltz of the entire century. Robichaud is breathtaking in some of its actions, including the mixed old-world charm of the high-kicking band Le Cancan Bijou and the Edwardian Rosin Coven. Everyone was shocked by the spectacular dance of Bijou, but it was the voice of Coven’s “pagan lounge” that really threw crowds into joy. All of the songs have a sense of grave that exactly aligns with the surreal Betty Boop anime behind the cemetery. This is not the kind of thing that shocks me, but I’m definitely an outsider in this area.

At the cottage level, I feel more at home. Evening, known as the “miracle museum” Rocky stage organized a variety show. Masters goldfish as a supervisor, high energy but not suffocating. He really knows how to make a crowd feel comfortable and critical at the same time. Funny performer JonBenet Butterbuns is a member of Popeye’s stage, her athletic ability is fully demonstrated. BEAST, New Orleans, made a very attractive walking bottle. She has a very charming stage presence, daring San Francisco daring to look because she opened each slender neck on the soles of her glittering heels. In her collection, I looked at the crowd and thought, “This is the reason I love you.We send people to the moon.We have built a manly heart.However, we are still a girl in a bronze pants wearing some old soda bottles Fascinated. “Miss Emmma brought the show to a more refined place with a comic show, with a sultry song. RAD acrobatic circus proved to be a thrilling duo, their bodies intertwined, stretching the limits of a small stage. Magician Roman Spinale bowling in the air, the watch disappears. For fun and fun, surreal and unbelievable. All of this was done in a peculiar room, with occasional pairs of wild-faced stilts that seemed to have escaped from Dali. This is all for the weird Bay Area.

In the basement, things are a bit low profile, but the show is not lost. JD Limelight has created a fascinating stage on the accordion. It’s simple and real, and one of my favorite shows. Bunny Quinn led Tori Amos out of her original stuff to show off her amazing sound. String Quartet arouses the beauty of the simple brilliant – resonating elegance and sophistication.

This is a foolish thing. The San Francisco adults get together and dance through the waltzes and drink plastic cups. This is stupid, indulgent, but may be urgently needed. At more than one moment, I heard participants mention each other their worries: rising rents, having to perform several times instead of full-time, fearing their president was about to expel their neighbors and starting us into World War III, tweeting . In this case, the decentralization of scenes like Edward VII seems to be a complete medicine. As I left, I saw the shadow and tail on the hoop skirt disappearing in the parking lot and carriage. Taking a walk behind Bush and Van Ness, the participants sent themselves back to the tired, modern world with a little fantasy.

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