After you have chosen the dress of your dream, the next important thing is to choose a veil. Not only would the veil highlights a bride’s appearance when walking down the aisle, the veil can also enhance the wedding dress. Choosing a veil is not as simple as just picking a long or short veil. Different types of veils and the lengths can completely transform your wedding style.

When it comes to choosing a wedding veil, there is really no one size fits all solution. The type of veil that you choose will depend on several things such as the type of wedding gown you would be wearing, your hairstyle and also if it meets religious considerations. The veil you choose will also depend on your dress details, silhouette and the length of the train.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Wedding Veil

  • Budget

Although a veil is a piece of fabric, it can cost much more than expected. Therefore having a budget in mind will help you to narrow down your veil options right away

  • Hairstyle

A hair in a bun versus long flowing curls will require a completely different veil placement. You may want to pin the veil below the bun to show off your updo or have it lay flat on top of the head. If you are letting your hair down, you may choose to pin the veil on the crown of your head for some volume.

  • Traditions

If you are exchanging vows in a religious setting, do check if there are any requirements that will affect the veil style and length. It is important to find out what both yours and your spouse-to-be’s family expectations are.

How to Choose the Right Veil for Your Dress

There are a lot of process when it comes to choosing a veil. Below are some helpful tips for brides to get them on their way to finding the perfect match.

An Embellished Gown

If your wedding gown is heavily beaded or embellished, you can choose a classic cathedral veil with scattered crystals.

A Simple Wedding Dress

If you have chosen a beautiful simple dress, you can go for a veil with intricate details like lace embellishment or floral accents to add dimension to the gown. The angel cut veil will frame the bride’s face beautifully and when it cascades down, a spiral of fabric on the will give a dramatic look.

Vintage Wedding Dress

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. If your wedding dress happens to be something borrowed, then a birdcage veil is the perfect choice.

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